Pest on butterfly bush

gobluedjmJuly 18, 2010

Anbody know what this bug is? It does fly. Is this a good pest or bad pest? I have 2 buddleia's and both had one of these bugs on it. The bug is about 1 to 1 1/4 inch long.

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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

'Good pest'???

One of the many, many spp of long-horned beetle. Some eat ornamentals. Personally I don't recognize that one. IME the bothersome butterfly bush pests are the ones on the flowers, otherwise the plant simpy outgrows anything chewing on a leaf.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I don't recognize this one, either, other than it being one of the longhorns. Adult longhorn beetles, depending upon their species, feed on foliage and stems, or nectar and pollen. Their larvae are usually borers found in decaying or rotting wood. Some very important species have become major pests, though, as they bore into live wood.

Are your longhorn beetles feeding on the foliage (as the image would suggest) or on the flowers? Any chance of more images? I feel like this picture isn't showing us all that we need to make an ID.

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I think what is eating the foilage is earwigs.
They don't seem to move very much and prefer to crawl rather than fly away when watering.
They are only on the main stems and now 1 bush has 2 of them.
When one did fly he did land on the flower but didn't stay there very long.

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rhizo, I googled on longhorn orange and black and I think its a Tragidion densiventre.
But I still don't know if they will harm or end up killing my 2 butterfly bushes.

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