Plumeria cuttings in N. Hollywood

moonie_57May 22, 2012

Does anyone in that area know of any stores that sell cuttings? My niece lives there and I would like to have her get me some cuttings and mail them. Would I be wrong in assuming that buying cuttings in a shop would be cheaper than if I ordered them from a reputable online store?

Several years ago I ordered a cutting from a place that many of you would be familiar with. It bloomed the second year, but wasn't what it was suppose to be. Don't know what variety it actually was, bloomed white with a yellow center and my husband absolutely loved the scent. He is tolerant of my plants but that was the first plant I owned that he loved. And, it died a violent death.

So, I ordered another cutting from the same place, and the same kind, hoping for a similar error. No such luck. LOL.

It's blooming now, and my husband loves the flowers but doesn't really appreciate the rose-scent.

Then, I ordered some cuttings from someone off ebay. She was suppose to send a cutting with 2 to 3 tips. Instead, she sent two single tipped cuttings. Lots of communication, lots of "i'm sorry, your new 3 tip cutting is on it's way". Then stories that she was sick and hospitalized. I had to let it go in fear that the poor woman was really ill, maybe at death's door? A cutting wasn't worth upsetting someone that may have made an innocent mistake.

This is why I would like for my niece to be able to find some "cheap" cuttings of different varieties. Maybe she will unwittingly find the one my husband would love as much as he loved the first one!

North Hollywood. Any stores with cuttings? Thanks.

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Hi, moonie_57, Here's a pic of my celadine. It is a common variety of white with yellow centers, easy to grow, and a strong, kind of suntan lotion scent. Maybe that is the one you are looking for. Good luck in your search. Peg

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Hi peg. Celadine will definitely be on my list of wants but I will say that your blooms show a bit more yellow than what I had. It did have a strong scent and my husband described it as "sort of honeysuckle".

If I can find cuttings I will be looking for mostly sweet scented ones to tantalize hubby's nostrils. Although I would like a coconutly scented one for myself. Right now I have the two Aztec Gold, single tipped cuttings from the lady off ebay and they have begun to leaf out, and I also have the Noid rose-scented one thats blooming now.

I want to make some clarification to my original question. When I was in Panama, many of the shops had cuttings sitting around in glass jars for sale. Do they, in Southern California, sell cuttings that way? And could anyone direct me to a shop in N Hollywood that does... if they do? :)

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Hello Moonie,

I can't say I've ever seen them sold that way. I've been to many nurseries and stores in HI that sell them, but no glass jars- typically they are bagged unless coming directly from a nursery.

Although I cannot remember specifically, people have mentioned buying plumeria at either a large farmers market or swap meet type thing somewhere in LA. I know that isn't super helpful, but I seem to remember a significant farmers market in Hollywood, a well known place, that may be a good start. Perhaps someone else will chime in.

I'd say shipping is shipping, and some of the places we order from probably charge a bit more than a family member would, but they typically package them quite safely. If you search on here you will quickly find who people use from ebay.

But, to answer your real question- no I don't know where specifically you can get a plumeria in glass jars in N. Hollywood, or anywhere. If you had someone you know send it the liklihood is it would be cheaper, just be sure they take care in packaging.

Good luck and sorry to hear of your plumie's untimely death!

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LOL. Silly me! What I meant about the cuttings being in a jar was simply a bunch of sticks, in a jar, sitting on the counters. Not that they sold them inside a jar. Sometimes I don't explain myself very well. :)

Boy, I would love to go to some of the markets there in Cali. But, I'm going to take a look on ebay and see what I see. My niece works too many hours for me to ask her to go swap meeting.

Thanks, though!

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Moonie, I came back from FL in Nov.last year with 7 cuttings that I picked up at the flea market. He had those sitting in 5 gal buckets with the ends in water. Each bucket had a different color. Maybe you can find her a flea market or two check out. Maybe you should just plan a visit. Peg

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I would love that, Peg. It was 1980's since I've been to Cali, but my elderly mother is under my care, so I can't even see myself even getting somewhere close as Florida.

And while I'm posting....

I was looking at JJ's website and find it very confusing trying to get prices. It states those are 2009 prices. Are all his plants rooted, no cuttings? Not that I wouldn't prefer rooted plants. Just trying to be financially conservative. :)

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Moonie, farmers' market will often have them--I've seen rooted three-gallon plants even here in Austin--but your niece isn't too far from Upland Nursery, right? They're expensive but have good varieties and rooted plants, too. I hear they also put some of their stuff on sale for half-off during the summer.

On ebay you may want to stick with just the domestic sellers. There are several good ones who sell cuttings and rooted plumeria, usually from Florida or Hawaii.

Peg, your photo of Celadine is gorgeous. I can't remember seeing the petals reflexed so nicely on anyone else's pics. Was that a Mimi cutting?

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Hi Jen, No that cutting is from a tree in the condo unit that my mother-in-law lives in St.Petersburg FL. That tree is what started the addiction as every time we would visit I'd have to check out the tree. They call it a "fancy pansy" as I guess they can't remember frangipani when the ones who know tell them. It was a broken branch on the ground that the lawn crew were going to throw out. I came to it's rescue. "LOL" Peg

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Lucky plumie branch! I know she's coddled and loved at Chez Peg!

If you find another piece of "trash" like that on your next visit, LMK, 'cause it's the nicest looking Celadine I've seen.

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Well, I need to get me one of those "fancy pansies". :)

Actually, I decided to nix both ideas of having my niece find me cuttings -and- shopping ebay. Instead I ordered from that company in Florida that I did not want to order from because of receiving the wrong variety last time. Then they had the nerve to not make that same mistake when I needed them to. LOL

Oh, and in my OP I mentioned a problem with an ebayer not sending me what was described. And was too worried for her health to press the issue.... well, I went to check out her store and boy oh boy does she have many many bad reviews and is no longer registered as a seller... at least not by that particular name. But it makes you wonder what happens with people. She had a couple of good years with a good rating, then all of a sudden...... Hence, the reason I decided not to go the ebay route again.

Thanks all!

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I'll keep you in mind Jen !!! Remember your in TX and I might have to have you shop for me !!! "LOL" Peg

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Absolutely, Peg! LMK if there's something you want me to keep an eye out for at the show and I'm happy to ship it to you. It's June 9th, right around the corner, and I'm taking the big vehicle. ;)

Moonie, if you're talking about a company with "gallery" in the name, then I believe that lady was trying to sell her business for some time, and as of recently her website has been disabled. However, if you decide to try ebay again, you can't go wrong with 1-stop-aloha or bloomingplumerias, both in Hawaii.

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