Chlorotic Rhapis excelsa... iron doseage?

eaksqueak(PA 6a)August 13, 2013

I recently bought some lady palms that are in less than stellar condition (because they are nearly impossible to find for sale around here and I wanted one). The newest foliage looks chlorotic so I ordered some Ferriplus, which is a 6% chelated iron FeEDDHA powder. I would like to mix it in the water I give them, but the product labeling is not helpful in determining the dose. These plants are in pots indoors. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.

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I'd have thought a balanced fertiliser with trace elements would have been good for a container plant. It doesn't take much to change things drastically in something the size of a pot. I haven't used chelated iron so don't know about dosages. Maybe someone with direct experience will chip in.

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eaksqueak(PA 6a)

I decided to go with a very unscientific "tiny pinch" to a gallon jug of water. It was still enough to tint the water pink. So I gave a couple ounces of the pink water to each of my plants and followed up with regular water. Hopefully this is a dilute enough amount not to cause anything terrible. They haven't spontaneously combusted anyway. My best guess is that the plants were being watered with our very alkaline tap water before I bought them, and that led to some iron deficiency.

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