Sago Pups

aneeq247August 15, 2013

Hi everyone. I have recently removed some sago pups, and I need guidance on how to plant these and when to plant them. What size pots should I use? And lastly how long should I let them harden off. They were removed about 30 hrs ago, and no cuts were made, they were pulled off. Any guidance is greatly appreciated. :)

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You can just put them in the soil. Cover about half of the pup in soil exposing some "trunk" and leaving the growing bud completely exposed. It will take some time to root, but once it makes it's first "flush" of fronds you'll know that they have started to establish themselves. Not sure how long you should let them harden off, but I would guess that a day or 2 should be enough.
Good luck!

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Will do Alex, thanks for the help. :)

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I just put mine in the soil but didn't water any until a few days later. Then just give them some time.

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