ridding of ants

ukrkozJuly 10, 2011

Hi all.

OK, please, we need help with ridding of ants, not with learning how useful they are. We know. They are invading the house, so it's a no brainer question.

We have horse acre. Neighbors west of us have 1.75 acre that is mostly unattended jungle for years. This is Pacific NW, so it's a JUNGLE.

WE had ants peacefully for 6 years here, and they are ok. This year we had plain explosion of them, maybe due to rain non stop since last October, or whatever. At this point, they are not just everywhere in quantities, they started moving into garage and patio.

Main nest is somewhere in the NW corner of the property, yes, right from the jungle. There's no way of telling where from, I can only see streams of them coming. We already had rats coming from that property, but that was taken care of, now this.

So far, nothing works on them. I have several different types of baits everywhere, with about 6 of them at the main path. I have my favorite borax+sweets mix generously sprayed there. They simply walk on it like it's not even there. They ignore baits. I had some success downsizing the infestation, almost announced victory, but as of today, their numbers appear to be growing again. I feel, nest is well hidden in the jungle, I can not get to it, without trespassing, talking to those "naturalists" is out of question. White trash type.

At this point, I am asking for advice on what to do. Balance, so far, is about $80 for all kinds of traps and baits and sprays. I am positive until the source of them is killed, they will keep coming, and I can not get to it. Any WORKING suggestions?

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I swear by liquid Terro ant baits. They bring it back to the nest. Wipes out the whole colony.

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Ants do not belong in your house so if they are there it is because they have found a food source. Start moving them back outside by laying down a barrier of lemon juice or peppermint oil to push them back toward where they are coming in the house. Once you have moved them back outside, and found the place they are coming in, seal that entry point so they cannot come back. Some help can be gotten by placing a feeding station near that entry point containing molasses. Look for other potential entry points and seal those, keeping in mind that anything ants can use to enter your house other, maybe even less desirable critters, will also be able touse it to gain entry.

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