Found some goodies!

Phildeez(9b)April 22, 2011

I finally found a great nursery about 45 minutes away stocking some amazing varieties that I swooped up even though

I have no space or mix ready!! Im sure these are not too uncommon but I was very excited to be able to buy such nice plants at a nursery.

Ill harden them further over the next week as the weather warms up and I get a soil mix going.

1 of each:

Nu Mex Big Jim

Hungarian Wax

Carribean Red

Jamaican Hot Chocolate (excited about this one)

Bhut Jolokia


Thai Hot (4th in my 'Thai Hot' experiment)


The chiltepin seems like a very interesting pepper, even if they are not very edible.

Huge plants with super tiny peppers all over them, supposedly.

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Nice looking plants and a surprising variety from a nursery. Chiltepin are very edible-either ground or kept in a jar on the table to crush as needed.The Jamaican Hot Chocolate I grew were extremely hot.

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I don't know who told you tepin aren't edible. In Mejico they are highly prized and everybody waits for them to come into the markets with bated breath.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Nice hot spread there, Phil!

I figured you'd find some good varieties down in your neck of the flatlands ;-)
Which direction did you go?


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I supposed the woman at the nursery must have been considering "cooking" to be eating the chiltepin peppers whole or something.
Reading numerous recipes as we speak! Hoping it will be a very heat tolerant plant, too, because of where it is native to.

Josh, I went to a place outside of vacaville. Morningsun Herb Farm. The only bummer was that they sold the last Spanish Spice
right before I got there, which was one I really wanted. Oh well, I will wait until I fit all of these into my garden to worry about others!

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kosherbaker(LA CA-10)

Any worries about cross pollination? Or do you guys just let it be whatever it might?

BTW some great finds there Phil.


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reyna1(Zone 8)

Fyi, chiltepin is in my mind one of the best all round peppers. They produce year round even into december. They are hot but not so hot that you cant taste the food. They are extremle heat tolerant. They are gorgeous plants with tiny red and green pods. Pest tolerant / disease tolerant.

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Rudy, I don't plan to save seeds, at least not to trade.

Reyna, glad to hear you, and so many others are fans of the Chiltepin!
I am thinking of dedicating an 8-10 gallon pot to the one I got for the spring/summer;
although originally I had planned to pair a couple hab-types in it.
Now I am considering 3 gallons for most of them.

Is 3 gallons pushing too small for perennial Habs or others on my list? I only plan to overwinter a few.

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