Campanula Appeal Deep Blue root bugs

dirt_farmer(6)July 19, 2014


I planted two of these this spring in my flower garden and got two very nice blooms after nipping spent buds from first bloom.
Then I had one of the plants completely die and turn brown in about a weeks time. The other plant remaining is starting to turn brown now. I have begonia's growing very close to both these plants with no problems to them.
When I examined the roots on the dead plant I saw extremely small white bugs on them (ugh ).
I am assuming the bugs killed the plant. But that being the fact why did they leave the begonia;s alone?
What pesticide will destroy these pests, both organic or inorganic as i do not grow vegetables in the flower garden?

thanks for any feedback

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Fori is not pleased

Some insects eat decaying plant material, which is why they'd be on the dead one and not the healthy ones. I suspect they didn't do the crime...

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