Rooting sedum stem cuttings

Julie717September 30, 2012

Hi everyone--Today at my in-laws house I picked up a broken stem of pink-flowering sedum off their patio so I could root it at home. The stem is dried up at the base and the flower is wilted but it has a bunch of tiny leaflets along the stem with root hairs coming out. I've never rooted these before but it looks easy.

I was just wondering if it would be better to lay the whole stem on the ground/potting mix (less likely to just rot that way?) or cut it into smaller sections? Also, should I root it indoors since it's getting colder, or will it do just as well out in the yard? My MIL the gardener wasn't home, or I would have just asked her while I was there.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Julie, I'm assuming you went ahead and rooted them? I just would have cut off the dried part at the base and stuck the stem into soil, indoors or out. In a month or so you should have a rooted cutting. If it is a long branch, you could cut it into multiple pieces. If it is only 3 or 4 inches long, I'd cut off the dried edge and root it whole.

Most sedums root easily from cuttings. You can break off a piece of a branch, stick into the ground a couple of inches, and keep it moist and it will root.


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