How do peppers grow?

ezzirah011(7a)September 29, 2012

This is the first year I am actually getting peppers! YAY!!

However, there is a bunch of bell peppers on the way, I notice that they are long, but not wide. Is that how they grow, long first then wide, or do I simply have long bell peppers? (big bertha variety)

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Big Bertha is a elongated bell shape.

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Most of my Big Bertha were a little thinner this year, maybe because they were more neglected, but then all my others were smaller this year also.

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Ok, then I have some harvesting to do!

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Normally, Big Bertha gets about as wide as a standard bell pepper, but much longer. It typically can easily reach 6-7" in length but I've read anecdotal reports of them sometimes reaching 9" long. In severe, prolonged drought with little irrigation, they'll stay smaller.

In a drought year, you often see malformed peppers too. Sometimes I think it is more heat-related than anything, but it also can be pollination-related. Sometimes incomplete pollination gives you oddly shaped peppers. They're fine to eat even though they may look funny. Every now and then you'll see what looks like a miniature pepper pepper forming inside a larger pepper. I think that also is a pollination-related deformity. Peppers just do odd things.

A typical Big Bertha looks like the linked photo.


Here is a link that might be useful: Big Bertha

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Malformed peppers, it reminds me of when I harvested this past spring some carrots, radishes and cukes, and they all had a weird shape and my husband walked in and looked at them, then looked out in the garden through the window and exclaimed, "it is like the island of Dr. Moreau out there!"


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