Indoor Kentia palm growth pattern

coolmom1August 29, 2010

Is it possible to encourage newly developing fronds to grow toward a certain direction in attempt to balance out the overall look of the plant? Right now I have a new frond which is opening up in a space that is already dense with other fronds. Would like to direct it it toward a sparser area of the plant in order to fill the space for an overall balanced look. Will rotating my plant toward the sunlight help?

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Should work-is your palm inside or out?

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My plant is indoors. I think it may be too late as the frond is almost completely open now. There is another one starting to grow. I'll try to rotate it towards an open space.

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This problem will extinct with age as there will be many leaves on palm. Neverthelees it's always recommended to put growing palm's leaf toward room from the window. :)

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