What is this beetle that is plaguing me?

HHaleJuly 29, 2013

I walk into my vegetable garden and all is calm for about a minute, then these bugs come out of nowhere -- hundreds of them -- and buzz around me and the entire garden. They don't appear to be eating any of the vegetables; my thought is that they may be living in the mulched paths (straw), but I dig around and find no evidence of them. Any thoughts? I have never seen them in past years. They do not bother me if I am on the grass surrounding the garden and I don't see them anywhere except my garden. Any suggestions as to what they are and how to get them to leave me alone will be greatly appreciated.

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That looks a lot like one of the scarab beetles.

Here is a link that might be useful: images for scarab beetles

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

HH, what size are these beetles?

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I got an answer from the VT extension service: It's an oriental beetle. They are edging out the Japanese beetle here. The grubs are the worst part of them; they feed voraciously on roots. They seem slacker than the Japanese beetle. They come out full force in the evenings and fly lower. They are about the same size, maybe a little smaller and more slender.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Thanks for getting back to us! This one hasn't been on my radar, but it will from now on.

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