Is this a fair price?

Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)August 21, 2011

Ok, so one of the palms I really want is a flamethrower palm. So, I went to the junglejacks website and they have it. So, I sent them a question about the cost of the tree. He says it costs 35 dollars for a 3 footer. So I thought that was a good price. But it didnt include shipping. So I sent them another email with my zip code about shipping. He replied back and said the total cost of the tree and shipping would be around 80 dollars! That wouls be 45 dollars to ship a 3 foot tree from California to Ohio. Is that a fair price? I have only bought my online plants from ebay,so I dont know if this is a fair price for a big buisness.



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Seems a little high, I shipped two 6 foot windmills from texas to michigan for about 50 each. Then again, I haven't shipped that many plants so I can't speak from that much experience. Does it weight alot maybe?

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It sounds about right. I had to pay 75 dollars to ship a large tree fern from Cali to New York (well worth it though since it still cost less to buy it there than here!). But I think you should check ebay first since I got some good plants there and the prices are a bit cheaper. Plus there are other palms that also have new fronds that are reddish in color so you might want to look more into that too (maybe there is a cheaper option that is just as nice looking!). I dont think its worth 80 dollars though. I got an 8 foot tall spindle palm at a local nursery for that price (and a 9 foot tall majesty palm at Home Depot for 40 dollars) so to pay that much money for a relatively might not be worth it, even if the type of palm is a bit more difficult to find.


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Shipping and HANDLING is what it sounds like.
How bad do you want one?
Great price for the palm-shipping is ridiculous.

Most of a palm that size is leaves anyway,I would keep looking.

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NoVaPlantGuy_Z7b_8a(Alexandria, VA 7B/8A)

Does not seem too far off from normal to me really. A little pricy but CA to OH is a LONG way, and thats a decent sized item. When it comes to less expensive plants, I have often found the shipping to cost almost as much as the plant itself and sometimes more. I'm guessing they are putting it in a box/ tube that will allow them not to bend the fronds much, and shipping it with some soil around the root ball. Granted, that is usually a better method, but it is more expensive. Though honestly for me I would rather get a good healthy / protected plant that is not bent out of shape or dried out than something at a great price that is basically thrown in a box with a little bit of wet paper around its bare roots. That's just me tho.

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