Summer heat and potted plants

stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)April 18, 2014

Being in Southern California and with our very hot summer coming up, what do you guys do with your container peppers.
More than usual water, move to partial shade?

We can easily reach temps in the 105-112 range on the hotter days.
Just curious what others do most specifically members in the Southwest :-)


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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Try to avoid black and grey colors. They absorb more heat and reflect little or none. So then light colors, shiny exterior like white is better.

One of the reasons for choosing bigger container may be this that it takes longer and more heat to warm up the soil. Use bigger container.

Water your plants with Cold water instead of luke warm, if you can. It will cool off and will keep the soil cooler longer.

Partial shade/sun is a plus. In a 110 degree bright sunny day, plants don't need sun all day. 4 to 5 hours will do. Plants can do photo synthesis with indirect light as well. This is more true about tomatoes than peppers.

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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

Good advice, thanks!

Yeah, I knew about the dark container thing. I have mine in light beige pots.

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Dave: I don't worry about it. I use larger pots(even black) just because I know our season will outgrow the traditional 5 gallon.

When the heat picks up, I just shade the black containers with a piece of plywood or something. When it really starts to scorch, 95F is the number to try stay below for extended periods. That's when flowers will shut down. But it's all about the soil temps, so regulate! For in-ground, MULCH! For containers, lift off ground, shield containers, and shade cloth (or partial shade/patio) during the hottest parts of the day.

I'm inland San Diego and my plants never skip a beat even during the heat.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Exactly what Kevin shade.


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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

Thanks Kevin, Josh!

I have one Trinidad Scorpion in a small pot..I'm not sure, 1-2 gallon.
Before the heat really picks up, I hope he has grown some (8" plant now) then I'll put it in a fairly decent size pot.


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Water more and move to partial shade. Position them to receive morning sun and afternoon in the shade.

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