Are these "dead" growth tips?

ginger9899(10 SW Florida)May 6, 2013

Hi, new poster but long time lurker here. Love all of you guys and the awesome advice - it is making me a much better plant lover.

I purchased this rooted "Pink Jao Praya" plumeria last fall from a nursery here that gets a lot of things from Thailand I think. I assume it may be grafted but don't know enough to tell. When I got it the 2 numbs had leaves (or at least one of them did) as well as the big tall one. Now though, with the recent leafing of the main growth tip I noticed these nubs are doing nothing, Are they "dead" or should they be? If so, should I cut them or file them or anything? One looks like it may have a teeny tiny bit of "wet" but too small to tell and hasn't done anything in a month.

I appreciate any advice or tips, I am still very much a beginner. I wanted to attach 2 pictures but wasn't sure how. Thank you!

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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

Here is a pic of the whole plumeria.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hi ginger. Welcome to the beginning of your addiction. Not only are we here to help your plants grow, but we are also here to help your bank account shrink, LOL.

Personally i would leave them alone. Even if they never do anything you wouldnt be gaining anything by cutting them off.

to have multiple pictures in one post you need to upload your photos to a hosting site like photobucket. after that you will copy and paste the HTML code into the message.


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Welcome!!! I'm so glad you decided to post and congrats on your first plumie!

Mike has given you great advice, I would agree that they could end up doing something and that you wouldn't gain anything by cutting anyway since they aren't rotting. It looks like your plant is waking up nicely, please keep us posted on your progress!

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Ginger...I have a few Thai ones that do seem to take a lot longer to push thru in the spring.

Eulas101....I am remembering (I think) you are the one who nicely offered to grab me a few at the S.D, cutting sale...? I have the date for our Luau...August 24th if you would like to come and meet other plumie enthusiasts....aloha, roxanne

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

I agree with Mike. If either turns black, cut it off but as long as it is green, let it be. You might give your plant a large spoonful of common drug store epsoms salts so it has enough magnesium to process fertilizer. Do not over water. Water according to the heat. Warm- about once a week. Very hot- every 2-3 days. These plants can be dry as they do in nature, but they do not like to be wet for a long time especially when cold. Protect from frost in the winter. Basically do not over mess with them. They do well when neglected a bit. Have fun. Remember there are only thousands of varieties that you do not have and will eventually need.........LOL. Bill

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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

Thank you all so much for the info. I'll leave those tips alone for now. I actually have this one I purchased and 9 other cutting that have been given to me from people in the area. I had been asking for years for cuttings and there was finally a windfall. 3 are pretty thick and big and have a tiny nursery pot full of roots coming out that I think I had better repot now - they were started last fall around Oct/Nov. I already carefully tested my yard drainage and planted one in the ground. The other 6 were very very small - the biggest one was probably barely a foot. I bagged 4 and potted 2 and it took forever and I thought I failed but wham last month payday and every single one of them are leafing out and the bagged ones showed tons of roots. They are all in pots of various sizes now, I certainly didn't expect all 9 to happen! They are all in about 6-7 hours of sun now, and I am pretty much watering once a week. 1 is in gritty mix, the rest are in a very fast draining perlite/coir/grit/soil mix that I check often. I actually just started last week watering with DG foliage pro. I have epson salts, but didn't think about using them also. The 9 are just average "pink" and "yellow" I guess but I'll still love them :)

-Heather (I edited to add my name, I keep forgetting to)

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Unless they're soft and squishy, leave them be. I've
had small nubs like that lay dormant for a year or more.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

lol... Just wait!!!

You will have more...

I agree.. leave them be as long as they are green....

Have fun!!!



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