What's eating my plants?

prettyrainbowsJuly 24, 2013

Can anyone help me figure out what's eating my watermelon plants? This is my first time gardening so I'm a bit clueless. I saw a handful of wood lice around the area so I didn't water for the past two days to try and drive them away, could this be their doing? I've already lost one, the stalk was obviously eaten through and completely mushy at the base. It fell apart with the slightest tug.

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It is not the Wood Lice, Roly Poly's, Pill Bugs, Sow Bugs that is the problem but it could be one of the squash bugs since watermelon is a member of that family of plants.

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It looks like a squash vine borer. They like melons also. See attached like think it will help.

Here is a link that might be useful: squash vine borer

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