Windy, Then Cooler.......What A Relief It Will Be

Okiedawn OK Zone 7September 6, 2012

While checking the fire weather forecast this morning, I noticed that it is going to be kind of windy in our near future and I've been waiting for the NWS to put up a wind graphic so I could link it. The graphic is up now, so I've linked it below.

While the wind won't be a huge problem for well-established plantings, the strong wind could be hard on young seedlings that are still fairly small and tender.

I already have my tall tomato plants in containers pulled up close to the garage so it can block them from the wind.

Please remember, too, that in the kind of wind we'll be seeing as this cold front passes through the area, any fires that start can spread very quickly so be aware of what is going on in your area.

Some people likely will get rain as the cold front passes through. Hooray for anyone here who is that lucky!

The NWS's wind graphic can be seen at the link.

Wind + Cold Front + Rain + Cooler Temperatures = RELIEF!!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Wind Graphic

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Many counties in Okalahoma and Kansas have a Wind Advisory in effect for a portion of the day. The timing of the Wind Advisory varies because the high winds relate to the timing of the passage of the cold front. You can see the timing of the Wind Advisory for your county, if your county has one, by checking your NWS forecast.

Statewide, fire danger today is rated "Very High" partially because of the added risk from the high wind.


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One final kick in the gut from the summer of 2012:

Six days of 104+ degrees to dry everything up again and kill all the winter grass and clover that had germinated, followed by a high-wind storm that breaks up a bunch of our trees that are brittle and weakened from drought, and then only a few tenths of an inch of rain as summer walks away laughing at us beaten and bruised and lying on the ground.

Up yours, summer of 2012.

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Only a tenth of an inch of rain accompanied our wind gusts. The temp did drop over 20 degrees though. It's nice to be cooler, but we still really need rain.

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I had 105 earlier, and now 73.5

WOZER! By morning it will be to cold to have the window open!


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

It was 108 here this afternoon, so anything has got to be better than that.

The winds have just arrived here, and we don't think we'll get any rain. We have had a fire or two today, including one started a few minutes ago by the wind and a power transformer.

Our temp was down to 101 when the front arrived and now we're at 87, so not a huge improvement yet, but should be in the 60s by morning.

From watching the news, it sounds like winds did some horrific damage, including 3 dead in Nowata County, at least 19,000 in NE OK without power, semis turned over on one of the turnpikes, and quite a few grassfires, brushfires and wildfires. (sigh) Even relief comes with a downside this year.

Scott, We still have brittle limbs coming down just about every time the wind blows, and since rainfall this year here has been almost normal, it must be a 'hangover' from last year's drought.

Dorothy, Why couldn't that storm dump some more rain on y'all? You've had the worst luck with rainfall this year.

Moni, I hope it is COLD when I wake up in the morning. I want to see what cold feels like after a long, hot summer.

I cannot complain. I had all the animals put up and the plants in containers inside the garage before the wind hit, and I watered the yard today because I was not expecting any rain. Our Mesonet station has been out since the last big wind 3 or 4 days ago, so I have no idea what is really happening in Love County, but so far we have wind, power and no rain and not many clouds.


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I don't believe it. It's 65 degrees outside. 12:10am

I had to check on the rabbits. They're partying too loud.

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WOOOOHOOOOO! It is nice out this morning! We had rain last night. And I am so happy!

Does this mean the 100 degree days are gone for good? I am ready to plant! My soil temps on the mesonet is looking good too!

I am so sorry Scott! ((hug)) Things can only go up from here right?

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Bon, If I were a rabbit who'd struggled to stay happy and healthy in this year's horrid heat, I would have been partying too when the temperatures fell yesterday. I bet they'll be happy all day long today.

Ezzirah, Is "probably" a good enough answer? There are no guarantees, but I suspect that if y'all see 100 degrees again this year it only will be a couple more times. Last year we had a couple of 100-degree days in mid-Sept. and then another one or two at the very end of the month, but the days in between those 100s were perfect.

I'm ready to plant and about to head outdoors to do so. I've already been out once this morning to let the chickens out of the coop into their fenced runs, etc.

It was 61 degrees when I first went out but is 62 now. I think I can handle 62 without a jacket or sweater. The wind, lightning and thunder around midnight to 1 a.m. kept me awake for a while, but not much rain fell--around 1/3 inch. Still, that's better than nothing and we are happy, happy, happy to have it.

I hope everyone is able to get out and enjoy the cooler temperatures this morning. I'm afraid too many people in central and NE OK will be cleaning up storm damage, which likely was not something they'd planned on doing this weekend.


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At least some more, nicer rains came through and got us up to over half an inch. Lost some good trees in the early storms though. The weather will not be as cool this next few days as they earlier thought, but highs in the low 90s will still seem nice.

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We got a total of 1/2 inch so at least it's something. Lovely and cool 60 F at 6am. NICE.

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With forecasts of highs no greater than 91 I think I can get out in the mornings and get bizzay. woot We got wet, but that's all we got yesterday.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Scott, Wnole trees came down? Pecan trees? So sorry to hear that.

I heard on the news that Tinker AFB recorded a wind gust of 76 mph. That's a bit more wind than I think anyone was expecting.

I'm glad everyone who got rain did get some of it. I guess wish Dorothy and Bon had gotten more rain. Once the rain starts falling in autumn, it normally continues. We just need for it to start falling in greater amounts. All these little quarter-inches and half-inches never will add up to enough to bring us out of this year's drought before next year's drought. We need some days with 2 or 3 or 4 inches of rain to have even a chance of seeing the drought end.

As bad as yesterday afternoon and last night's weather was....and it was very bad, (After all, at least three people passed away in the storms), at least we are off the hook today. I wouldn't want to be in the path of the storm system as it roars its way across the country today--especially up in the northeastern USA where severe weather is very likely.


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I think the death tally was four people and all in the NE corner of the State. There was a baby, and the grandparents in Nowater County and a truck driver in Ottawa. Our winds were high and brought down some dead limbs that were hanging in the trees from our big storm, and dropped .4 inch of rain. Although we had high sustained wind, it didn't compare to our other storm this year.

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Ahhh, it was so nice this morning! I was finally able to get out into the garden and start clearing the weed thicket that has taken over my empty beds. The harvester ants were not in the least bit amused, though, and bit me twice, one through my gloves. Ouch!

Unfortunately we only got 0.04" of rain out of it, but watering will at least be much easier with the cooler temps.

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I've had problems with the ants, too, taking advantage of what little moisture I put in there.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Carol, I saw the news on the truck driver's death just a few minutes ago when I came inside for lunch. Four deaths is too many, but considering how hard the wind blew, I think we're fortunate the death toll wasn't higher.

Hopefully you'll never have another storm that compares to the one you had earlier this year.

The cold front came in fairly quietly here, but the weather got louder about two or three hours later when another little line of storms ran through. We did not have really strong wind like much of OK. I think it worked to our advantage to be at the tail end of receiving the storm. Either a lot of the volatility had died down or the storm wore itself out. Our mesonet station has been down for about 4 or 5 days now, so I don't know what the wind did, but at our house I bet it didn't even make it above 40 mph.

It is still fairly nice out there even though we're in the mid-80s now. This morning was gloriously cool and I got a lot done. Mostly weeding, but also a little planting.

Ants are a constant here and we have many kinds. I avoid them all that I can and just leave them alone since most of them are beneficial. I actually haven't seen as many fire ants as usual this summer, but the harvester ants have split and formed a third big mound near the garden. For 6 or 7 years we had one big mound, then two, and now three. We try to peacefully co-exist and I'd never do anything to harm them because horned toads eat them. The only times I've seen horned toads on our property since moving here has been right there in the area of the harvester ant mounds.

I've through outside for today, I think, having accomplished everything on my 'to do' list that related to the outdoors. Now I have to work on my indoor 'to do' list.


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My damage was relatively minor except to a dozen trees or so. Only a couple of those lost more than a third of the canopy. Not that big of a deal all things considered.

The pecans are maturing three weeks early this year because budbreak was three weeks early. There should be no problem getting a lot of options for buying pecans before Thanksgiving for those that like to buy local around here. The pecans will be small and some will be poor quality, but there will still be lots of good ones around and the price should be less than last year.

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