3/4 Bird Netting to Keep out pickleworm moths? Borers?

jocoynJuly 28, 2014

I saw this on a Hawaii forum (about the pickleworms) and wonder if that really is viable.

The claim is bees can get in and do their job but the pickeworm moth is kept out by the netting. I am kind of skeptical....and certainly you would have to keep growing tips/flowers away from the mesh which I could do with a frame.

The idea is attractive to me just because I worry about humidity build up under row covers in the hot, humid, SE.

I have Spinosad and am trying BT now but it is still a real fight. They have gone after all my curcubit flowers with a vengance (the pickleworms...the borers seem a little easier to keep at bay but even there I have had some get into my trellised pumpkin vines a foot off the ground)...If I could avoid weekly application of "chemicals" even organic, that would be desirable.

The row covers could work at night for the pickleworms but if the bird netting could work and fucntion during the day for the borers that would be sweet.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I promise you that the adult moth of a pickleworm (or any other insect, for that matter) will not be phased by bird netting. I found the comments that you referred to; written by a MAster Gardener, no less. Her theory is that the 3/4 inch netting will keep the moths out because they have a wingspan of 1 inch.

Does the wing span of your arms keep you from walking through a doorway?

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Your reply makes more sense than the bird netting does. It is a struggle to find something to keep out these bugs without resorting to chemical warfare.

The borer is actually not so big a deal (though I have now learned it is not just close to the ground they do their damage).....I can control to a certain extent with inspection and correction on a daily basis.

The pickleworm, however, is quite another beast to contend with, I t hink because of sheer numbers and persistance. Even though mature fruit are not impacted, if it takes on a vine that is feeding that fruit, you are dead.....

Already battling various fungal issues which I hope to cut off before it establishes next year but row covers seem like they would make the humidity evern worse, even if they were only used at night.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Have you considered tulle? You can purchase it in various widths and lengths......it's a favorite of gardeners.

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Have not yet but I will look into it. It appears to be more affordable and open than the row covers. I would imagine an ovipositor could get through it but if I kept it away from the flower and terminals...

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Also, bird netting causes snakes and birds to get tangled up as they wriggle to get free. Then you have to deal with that!

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