GardenTech 'Worry Free' - Is it 'organic'?

Zap-Man(6)July 18, 2012


I found an insecticide & miticide product make by GardenTech called "Worry Free". It says it's "derived from Chrysanthemum flowers". That sounds "organic", but I'm not sure what else is in it (if anything). Does anyone know if this product truly qualifies as an "organic" or organic gardening?


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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

I guess you could call it organic - the active ingredients come from the pyrethrum daisy, Chrysanthemum coccineum. Pretty flower. Been used as an insecticide for a long time, but I'm not sure it has much effect on mites. If I get mites on plants I spray the underside of the leaves with a strong but coarse stream of water. Probably would work as good as your product for them.

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Apparently this is one of the pyrethrin based insecticides. Pyrethrins come from the seeds of a certain Chrysanthimum and is a natural pesticide. It kills any insect it contacts whether they are bad guys or good guys. Pyrethrin based insecticides are acceptable for use in an organic garden/farm, but because it is such a broad spectrum poison it should be of last resort use, not the first thing used.

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