Pitfalls of T. Fortunei Planting

earthworm73(WA z8)August 8, 2011

I am already thinking ahead to next spring. I have a t. fortunei in a 7 gallon pot that I've had for about one month now. My plan is to plant it in ground probably the beginning of April. But I have a history of not being able to keep them alive. Over the past few years I have lost 4 trachys - 3 in ground and a 15 gallon that never made it through the summer. I had two small ones (est. 2-3 years from seed) that I failed to protect during one cold winter and they spear pulled turned brown and died. I know what happend to them and from now on will protect the first few years from cold and rain. I had another probably a 5 gallon that I lost about 6 weeks after planting out one summer. Don't know what happend to that one or the one in the 15 gallon box. What are the potential pitfalls of planting out trachys?

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Well, the smaller ones you lost in the ground might have been too small to survive on their own without any protection. But you are saying you are having problems with them both in containers or even getting through the Summer. Your zone is so mild (cool in Summer/mild in Winter), Trachys should be thriving as they do not have high heat requirements unlike most palms but should benefit from your mild Winters. There are people here growing Trachys in much more hostile climates.
I think there is another problem here that is causing you to have trouble with these palms that are otherwise...rather carefree. Some other factors I would consider are adequate soil moisture (especially as a newly planted palm) & adequate drainage.

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