Plant Exchange Mpls/St. Paul

brian6464(4a)April 14, 2014

Wondering if anyone local to Mpls/St. Paul would be interested in a hot pepper plant exchange?

I planted around 30 varieties of peppers. Many of the seeds came from Eric (LiefEricson) on this forum. Well, germination rate was very high and I ended up with way to many peppers.

I've picked out the ones I want and gotten rid of all the super hots already. Everything has been potted into red solo cups already.

Not sure what I want, but would be interested to hear what you might have. I'd might be willing to trade a couple of mine for one of yours or even consider some heirloom maters. I just need to make room and have less to care for.

Here is what I have left:

Paper Lantern Qty 7
Orange Scotch Bonnet Qty 7
Hot Lemon Qty 5
Golden Hab Qty 3
Fatalli Qty 2
White Hab Qty 1
Hot Portugal Qty 1
Black Pearl Qty 3
Starfish Qty 3
Aji Cito Qty 3
Numex Twighlight Qty 3
Chimayo Qty 4
Orange Tea Pot Qty 1
Fish Qty 1
Chocolate Scotch Bonnet Qty 1
West Indian Red Qty 2
Bonda Ma Jacques Qty 3 (seedlings)
Devils Tongue Yellow Qty 3
Cumari Qty 3

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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

Oh would I like a starfish but I'm in Ca. :(

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You do have some interesting plants, but I am in a similar situation. I'm in the Omaha area and you are a little far away for a trade.

We had seed swaps and giveaways earlier in the year. Maybe we should look into the best options to set up local plant swaps. Anyone have ideas of how we can connect with growers in specific areas, short of everyone posting locations? Can we get a new sub forum set up for location based contacts?

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There are location based forums. Maybe my post would do better in Minnesota Gardening rather than the hot pepper forum. Presumably I would be reaching only Minnesota growers in there? I'll give it another day or two here and then switch over. Would like to get rid of these peppers soon.

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ronnyb123(Zone 9)

I also had a bunch of seedling leftovers and I took them into work. Gave them away to chilihead's there. Just make sure to tell your workers which ones are the Superhots, and to be careful when eating those.

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I wasn't aware of the location based forums but I am not sure many other people don't know of them either. It looks like the Minnesota forum is pretty barren. I'm thinking you posted in the best place, its just a shame the other forums are so slow. Good luck and if I can make it up your way soon I'll let you know. Those are some nice looking peppers you have there.

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There's also the "exchanges and trades" forum and you may want to double post in the veggy forum. Might even try craigslist -- DMForcier got rid of quite a few of his last year with it..


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So double posting in more than one category is not frowned upon here?? I know some forums don't promote that idea.

Certainly should not be abused, but this situation seems like one where it would come in handy to reach more people.

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brian: Probably is. But(like you hinted) some forums here are just busier than others and many overlap. I imagine abuse might be an issue, but at that point I'm sure the moderators will step in and issue a warning.

I've done it when I can't seem to get the info I want from the initial post.


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spacetogrow(4 MN)

Hi Brian,

I live in the TC metro, and would be willing to meet somewhere for a trade.

Your plants that look interesting to me are:

Orange Scotch Bonnet
Orange Tea Pot*
*especially these 2

The way my plants look now, I should have a spare plant of:

Inca Red Drop
Jamaican Yellow Mushroom
Giant Aconcagua

Almost all are from seeds I got from trades or swaps so it's anybody's guess if they are true to type. They were all planted on 2/15/14 and aren't hardened off yet.

Also, you can see if there are any seeds on my list that interest you.

I will probably have tomato plants to spare later, but I just planted the seeds 2 days ago so none have sprouted yet.

The Minnesota forum has had a little noise recently about a TC area plant swap. The last one was 2 years ago, I think, and had maybe 12-15 traders. It's worth a shot, especially if you know of a place to meet.

The Minnesota forum is usually dead in the It is never frenetic, but can have some good stuff sometimes during the season.

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I'll take a look at later tonight when I get home. I'll contact you with a private message.

More than willing to give you one of each of the one's you mentioned. Thanks.


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Count me in.

I have I would be in for some trading or just giving any extras away. I will have the following hardened off in May:

Peppers: Aji Lemon, Biker Billy, Kung Pao Hybrid, Big Thai Hybrid, Orange Habanero, Spanish Habanero, Numex Big Jim, Chinese Giant, Keystone, Cubanelle, Poblano, Hot Cherry, Marconi, Twilight (From Bruce), Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion(from OSS), Butch T Trinidad Scorpion, Trinidad Moruga Yellow, Red Bhut Jolokia, Yellow Bhut Jolokia, Chocolate Bhut Jolokia, Chocolate Habanero, Sweet Moruga Scorpion, Trinidad Douglah, 7Pod Brain Strain Yellow, 7pod Johna, White Ghost, Moruga Scorpion Red(from pepperlover)

And some tomatoes
Black Krim, Italian Tree Tomato, Better Boy, Super Beefsteak, and Brandywine Pink.

You have mail.

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Glad to see a few Minnesotan's chimed in to setup a possible trade with Brian. I too start way too many peppers but the last few years besides my regular couple peeps I give plants to, the folks that work with my youngest take all my leftovers. They've already have been asking if I'll be having leftovers,

Put the word out to peeps at work, etc you'll get rid of the ones others here may not take...

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Last year I started way too many and even after giving away lots i still had enough to sell on craigslist. Paid for the irrigation system for my garden this year. :)

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Upucker: You have some interesting plants.

I originally had over 200 plant in solo cups. It was way too much for both my 48" 6 bulb lights. I had to rotate them through on a schedule of 3 days under and 1 day out. As they grew past 6", it became real problematic.

Well, I have pulled aside ~60 for myself and my extended family and gotten rid of around 100 plants thus far. Given some away to co-workers and friends and sold some on craigslist (enough to pay for both of my lights this year). Probably have 40 left and I'm dumping the rest on CL for $1 each to move them out.

Depending on what my extended family wants, I'll still have several varieties for trade in late April/early May if interested.

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spacetogrow(4 MN)


Thanks for trading pepper plants with me. They look very healthy and sturdy.

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