frost damage 2 yrs later no growth but alive-

jmomcon(7)May 30, 2010


I have the stump left of a beautiful DR that I forgot to bring in a couple of years ago and it got hit by frost.After I cut back the mushy parts of the stem, the remainder of the stem healed & has stayed firm since- but no leaves. Now obviously,I am not one to give up easily (2 yrs!). Can anyone give me an idea how to jump start this plant? It is not rotten or dried up after all this time. I have had it under lights and have been watering it. I still see a green tint to the stem and it has had bumps on it like it wants to bud but has not.

Any help?

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plumies like the heat and lots of sunlight.

i would suggest keeping it very warm, like 80+ and 14-16 hrs of light. are you using fluoroscent tubes? keep the lights within a few inches of your plumie for full light.

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You are talking about a desert rose, correct? As long as the base is firm and you see what appears to be growth just give it time. Stop watering it and let it dry completely between waterings. If it doesn't have any foliage it doesn't need much water. Keep it someplace warm. Most of mine are dormant over the winter and get almost no water until the spring. The next time you water it (after the soil has dried) you could add a dose of Superthrive and Epsom Salts to the water to see if you can "wake it up". Good luck.

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I have had it with my African violets under the lights all winter and now it is out in the Maryland humidity and sun. It is pot bound as I thought they liked to be. Do you suppose a change of soil would be a good thing? My first thought was that it wouldn't need much from the soil @ 1st till it got some leaves to begin drawing up some moisture but what do I know - it's been like this for so long I am beginning to wonder.

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repotting it might help. plumies are tropical and actually grow year round in the right regions, such as hawaii. their plumies are huge as oak trees, like 30-40 feet tall.

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this worked with both my desert roses that had some light frost damage this winter: re-pot in very fast draining mix, put out in full sun, drench with liquid seaweed then mist several times a day with liquid seaweed and water very sparingly until leaves appear.

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Thanks I think I will try that last trick - cant hurt After 2 yrs of a stump in a pot! :)

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