Mid July update

bradleyo_gwAugust 8, 2011

After a horrible winter in which I lost several plants including nearly all of my palms, Edith Bogue was killed back to the ground where it continues to languish, Osmanthus Goshikii never had a chance, an official low of -8F, although I never recorded lower than -5.5F and 3 straight months where the high rarely got above freezing, I had to redesign, replant and move many things.

As many of you already know, I am not computer saavy, so I had to wait a month for my wife to download some pics. I did take more today so hopefully I will post more soon, but then again I said that at the beginning of June. I need to update my pics again soon though as I didn't notice how much things grew until I looked at these pics.

A couple of surprises, I never did get a pic of the whole plant, but my 2nd year in the ground hardy agapanthus got 4 blooms this year

My palms took a beating this winter so I either moved or composted them all and turned it into a veggie garden. No collards for carl. I barely get enough sun here to be foolish enough to attempt one in this spot but all of my sun is inthe front yard and I don't feel like putting a veggie garden there..

I extended yet another bed this year

View from the front porch, looks a lot different now.

Fliementosa bloom well over 7 foot tall this year. My wife is 5'10" for scale.

Thanks for looking.

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earthworm73(WA z8)

bradleyo I am glad to be the first one to say your garden looks great. Lots of colors. How do ya like that persian shield? I'm thinking about getting some for my next year tropical garden. BTW you mind stating where you live?

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

Cool. Is that a baby monkey puzzle tree in the first pic?
I would like to know where you live too.(at least your zone) I like your plants!

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

I meant second pic.

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Awesome pics! I cant imagine how good everything must look now! I love the curves in the planting beds! I wish I had the skill to cut my lawn into beds that well!
Sorry to hear about your palms, but one thing thats for sure is that your yard looks more tropical than ever despite the cold winter! Looking forward to some more updates!

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earthworm - I love the Persian Shield. I'd grown it several years ago but have had a hard time finding it at a reaonable priceand hadn't been able to propagate it. I bit the bullet this year for $7 per gallon for an annual. I'm taking cutting and trying to root them in water. So far still alive. I live in North Central Pennsylvania in Dubois, about an hour WNW of State College, the coldest zone 6 in America. Depending on what site you look at our Jan avg highs/lows are either 28/14 or 31/17? I'm a little warmer than the airport official readin which is about 150 feet higher in elevation. Lits of microclimates here, I'm about 250 feet higher than in town where they seem to get half the snow but are considerably colder.

Hunter - I've always wanted a monkey puzzle, but I think what you are referring to is a cactus, and I believe it is cylindropuntia imbricata. E-mail me at brm olshanski @ yahoo.com and I'll send you a cutting. Sorry for the chopped up e-mail address but I don't want to make life easy for spammers. They are a piece of cake and totally winter hardy. Those are third year from a very small cutting.

Thanks for the kind words tropical! While I don't post much anymore I still read the boards and your stuff looks great!

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Nice garden, I like the imbricata I just planted some this year and has just started growing. What type of an agave is that, looks like a havardiana? If your like me in a couple years you will not have to mow the front yard.

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chad - i lost the tag on the agave. It's either a havardiana or a parryi, I would guess parryi. I'm with you, if it was up to me I wouldn't have any grass. That circular center section of grass in the front yard may turn into a large water feature.

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