strange leaf curl?

peppernoviceApril 26, 2012

I have a habanero that has about 2 sets of true leaves. It has several leaves that are curling. The leaves are green, and look healthy, as healthy as a curled leaf can look. This plant has been that way for at least a week. I now have a few others that seem to be slightly curling. I know I had a few aphids, but I sprayed twice with an insecticidal soap, and seem to be aphid free now.I know aphids can cause leaf curl, but I only found about 5, and removed them immediately. If I put the pictures on facebook and post a link, will you guys be able to see it? I really need an expert opinion, because I'm fearful of losing all my plants due to a stupid mistake.

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A picture would really help.

I'm not sure about others but I don't have an account on the book of faces.

If you email me links to your pics via my GW email link, I'll post them for you.

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Here are a couple of your pictures, I'll send you the instructions for doing it yourself.

Have you been feeding the plants?

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Hello, one of my peppers, a red cayenne, has curly leaves as well:

This yellow jamaican that was sown the same days as the previous one looks quite healthy:

Is there anything wrong?

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I gave them some diluted miracle grow about 2 days ago. I've only been watering every 2 to 3 days. I have some bone meal that i planned on putting in the soil when i re-pot them into larger pots. Do you think I should go ahead and transfer them so i can apply the bone meal? It's odd that the leaves are green, but shriveled(crinkled). Most of the stuff I read describes leaves turning yellow, then shriveling.Thanks.

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Watering every 2 - 3 days is too often. Wait until the cup/pot feels light when you pick it up before watering.


You may have been overdoing the watering as well. From the look of both plants, at least in your pictures, they both look light green. Over watering, besides causing leaf deformation can cause plants to pail and take on a yellow tinge.


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Thank you... The truth is, although I have read here many times that chillies must be almost wilting to be watered, it's difficulty to restrain myself lol

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The coloring in any of the pics above doesn't alarm me. In Nikos pics, it looks like sun peeking in but partially blocked. New growth is usually brighter anyway and will darken as the leaves grow.

I wouldn't do anything drastic at this point. I have had many plants do similar, and unless there is an infestation of critters, they usually grow out of it. "it" being too much water, cool weather, most anything environmental, really). Watch the watering, feed low dosages regularly, and see if things improve in the new growth going forward (current gorked growth, will probably not change much).

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I wish I could say you put my mind at ease, but I'll probably be stressed till I start getting pods. :) I appreciate the quick responses though. I'll hold off on the watering and see how the new growth looks. Thanks!

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I believe you guys are on the money with over watering. I just used a wooden skewer to check the soil of a few of my plants. It's been about 2 days since i watered, and when I pushed the wooden skewer into the soil, it came out moist with dirt sticking to it. I think i will adjust to 4 to 5 days between watering. Now that i know the wooden skewer trick(read it in another posting) I can check before watering. Thanks again for the advice!

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