2 buckets of Grapto

jimhardyAugust 15, 2013

I debated doing this for a while...who would have
thought Graptopetalum Paraguayense would(with protection(-;)become invasive in Iowa.

2 buckets later



Whada ya think?

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Looks awesome both with and without the Graptopetalum! My purple hearts are supposed to be for zone 8 and up and they are starting to get invasive for me now. I never even expected them to survive a winter.

Thanks for sharing, your cactus bed looks beautiful!

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Thanks Alex

There is still another avalanche of the stuff behind the Rostrata.

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Definitely like the after...it showcases your agave much better.

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Your cactus bed looks great either way but I'm sorry to say I liked it better before with the grapto and the iceplant. I like the look of a lush desert with no bare ground. I intentionally fill up all the bare spots in my cactus bed with portocola and ice plant.

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