Hummingbirds Are Enjoying the Rain

susanlynne48(OKC7a)September 13, 2012

Three hummers were playing this morning, and actually sharing space on the feeder. No fighting. Perhaps they understand that they ALL need to eat and get ready for migration.

This afternoon I was out on the porch when the second wave of rain came in, and this cute little hummer was perching on a bare Willow branch, enjoying his shower. I didn't know they flew in the rain, but he kept darting out a few feet and then back to the branch again, over and over again. It was too funny. It was a light rain, else I would imagine a good size raindrop would knock one to the ground, they're so tiny.

I'm going to be sad to see them go for the year, but am certainly enjoying the moments of entertainment for now.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Susan, Hummers love playing in the artificial "rain". I often turn on the sprinkler or mister for them for a few minutes on hot summer afternoons. They'll play in it for as long as I leave the water on. If I turn on the water at the same time every day, after a few days, they are sitting there waiting for me when I come outside. They are so smart! Sometimes if a feeder is out of nectar and I don't know it, they come to the kitchen window and put on a big show to get my attention so I'll come outside and fill the feeder.

We have had huge hordes of hummers migrating through for about a month now. I've noticed a lot less playing this week, and more serious feeding and flight. I believe they understand it is time to head south because the migrating ones aren't sticking around and playing for a few days like the earlier ones were.


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