Uggg, what a difference 3 weeks makes

ottawapepperApril 22, 2012

Three or so weeks ago we were enjoying low 80's temperatures. I thought we were in for an early season. Since then, we've been sliding down to this;

Wet snow tonight. Glad my babies are still safe inside. Mother nature is an evil mistress!

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Yikes! Feel bad for you! Our lows have been pretty close to that, but, highs mid-upper 50's. I'm so ready to kick the overwintered peppers out of the house! But, don't want to create too much work moving them in and out. grrr.. :-)

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naturemitch(3/4 WI)

yep, would love to get them into the greenhouse but we are still experiencing way too cool nites for the peppers. we both leave for work by 7am, and I wince to think about opening windows in the greenhouse at that time. we'll just have to be patient for a bit longer:)

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esox07 (4b)

We hit the 80's several times in March and the whole month was more June like than March like. Now in April, we have returned to more normal weather if not a bit cooler. I just put my fellas out into my cold frame today. We are looking at some good sunny weather coming up and I am hoping the real sun gets them going and ready for the real outside in about 4 weeks or so.

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We've got a brief cold spot as a front passes through tonight. Going to hit 37 for a low (was almost down to 40 last night), then it'll turn right back around and be lows in the 50-60 range and highs in the 80's again.

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Yup. Mother nature always seems to come back to bite when you put out too early. I've been taking my pots outside and in the greenhouse during the nice weather we had last week, but they've been back indoors at night and all day the last couple of days. I've learned the hard way in the past to never plant in ground too early, no matter how nice the weather is.

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Sure enough, woke up to a blanket of fluffy white stuff this AM. Just a minor set back, right? We're in for an early season this year, right?

I didn't get a photo but friends Tweeted a shot of one of their Garlic fields this morning.

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Definitely going to have an early season!! ;-)

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We didn't even *SEE* snow down here all winter long. Seriously, I honestly don't even recall seeing a really heavy frost even.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hello, Gents! ;-)

I never plant plant before May, and sometimes I wait until closer to June.
Here in the foothills of northern California, we have Mayfrosts and even the occasional
snow flurry in June. And that's why I didn't bother starting my pepper seeds
until the middle of March this year.

Last week and over the weekend, we had high temps (upper 80ðF's), but tonight we're in for
some more rain.


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Josh, up here we don't usually plant until the May Two Four weekend. So ya, it's early to start thinking about moving plants outside. Our forecast this weekend call for lows of 19F - 21F.

A little Canadian trivia for ya...

On the first Monday in May before the 25th, Canadians celebrate the birthday of the long dead queen Victoria with a long weekend (Monday "Victoria Day" being a public holiday). It's called the May 24th or Victoria Day long weekend. Being beer loving people, we traditionally refer to the May long weekend as the May Two Four weekend... we buy beer in cases of 24 and call them Two Fours. First long weekend after winter = a Two Four or two being consumed amongst friends ;-)

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spencers_mom2(8 - Virginia Beach)

What's up Ottawapepper!! I'm baaaaaaacck! I have been out of the pepper world for awhile and am just going to grow whatever plants I can find at Lowe's :) Nothing sexy.. just something to get back in the groove and make some jellies or whatnot. I need to get back in the GW groove too. Lots of awesome info on these forums.

Love the Canadian Trivia! I, too, am a beer loving person.

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Thanks for the Canadian history lesson, Bill! Was interesting. Does that mean if I only pick up a one two I get to plant out earlier? LOL

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WOW! Good thing your peppers were safe. Yeah, mother nature can be a pain. Our March was hot (80's), April, we've had a lot of nighttime 40's and highs in the 60's. I prefer the cooler temps, 80's, especially in March is too hot for me.

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What a tease we had in March - a few 80's and lots of 70's and now we are hanging in the low 50's. I did though get my peppers out to the green house as well as most of the tomato plants. The top vents open automatcially when it gets to low 70's inside and the little heater kicks on if it goes below 50. I usually don't plant out in the garden until very end of May, but will start planting in the buckets mid May since they can be protected if need be.


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Same here in CT. Last week I had soil temps of 70F, but who knows what they are now after several rainy days and nights creeping into the 30's. I started my tomatoes two weeks earlier, thinking they'd be going outside a couple weeks sooner than the usual Memorial Day weekend, but now I'm looking at these monsters and wondering if I'll be able to contain them for another 4 weeks! Luckily, the peppers (in the middle) have a more slow, steady growth habit.

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Erin, "I, too, am a beer loving person", you're my kinda lady ;-))

tsheets, Oh I wish it was as easy as picking up a one two. Thanks for the laugh.

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