I think I lost my Scott Pratt *sad face*

sjp8987May 18, 2010

I was so excited for spring to come to see if I would get any deep, red flowers from my Scott Pratt - I was even excited to see the tip of my grafted plant get shiny. However, I noticed that it wasn't leafing out like all the others so I poked it with something sharp - no sap :-( The grafted half and the stock half are both firm but no sap :-(. Do y'all think it's dead? The soil is dry right now so it shouldn't have root rot

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Is the tissue green/white if you dig out a small piece with your fingernail or is it brown? If it's still green and firm it might be fine. Maybe it's dehydrated and no sap is running? That's just a guess. I'd try watering with some epsom salts and Superthrive. I'm surprised that's it's not already leafed out in your zone. Good luck.

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It's green and the middle is white, there's just no sap. I'll try watering again - I'm just afraid to water too much w/o any leaves. The soil is completely dry now. I won't lose hope yet! The only thing that worries me is that the stock plant to which it is grafted doesn't have sap either....

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

A rooted plant needs to be watered. the main danger is overwatering a non-rooted cutting. Just water it in the morning on a warm day and let it drain and dry down in the afternoon. Once a week should get it going.

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THANK YOU everyone who suggested watering my plant. It was dehydrated! I didn't want to reveal at first that I had lopped off the claws to see if it was rotting inside - but I did *gasp!* So, now it's not as pretty as it was, but I can see new growth coming! Oh I am so so excited. It's still not leaking sap when I poke it, but it's not dead! I'll post some pictures later if you promise not to be disappointed that I cut the top off :-D


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