peppernoviceApril 20, 2012

This is my first year growing peppers. I would like to keep all my strains of peppers pure. I have about 10 different varieties. My question is, how far apart do I need to keep them in order to ensure they don't cross pollinate? I would think 10 to 15 feet would be enough. Is that correct, or do they need to be farther apart?

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Officially, one mile separation. That being said, it's generally accepted 500 feet should suffice. There are numerous techniques for isolating plants close to others ranging from gluing individual buds to covering the plant in tulle or shade cloth.

See link below for some ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Preventing cross breeding

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I feel like you personally took me under your wing Bill. The only way you could make this easier would be to come to my house and plant the peppers yourself! :) Once again Sir...I'm in your debt. Thank you.

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I think It depends on if your plants are indoors or out.
Indoors they can be close together-no bugs...
Out doors crossing depends on bees etc.
I keep my plants indoors until I get a couple pods and mark them for pure seeds and move them outside.
Depending on your need for pure seed,methods will vary.
If you get seeds from trades they are not in general pure.
Bagging,capping or glueing buds are best for multi variety growers.
If you are talking about super hots you are screwed from the start.
Most are re named as Varieties or strains that have not been grown out long enough to be considered stable.
Most super hot sellers are selling seeds that never were grown out long enough to be even considered stable.
Vendors could care less.They have your $.

I'm thinking super hots will be flooding the market next season and prices will drop.
Everyone sees that a lot of guys are selling seeds , plants and pods at extremely high prices.
Greedy people are thinking they will get the same high price for seeds next year so they are paying stupid prices for seed stock now.
Market is going to drop soon and be flooded with all these get rich quick guys.

I guess I don't count as far as helping you out.
I only sent you several chocolates you were looking for and extras today.

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Nonsense Mike! Any information at all is help. I appreciate everything you guys do. It doesn't matter if it's a seed donation, answering a question, or just letting me know when I do/say something stupid. All contributions are helpful!

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Too funny...

peppernovice, I think Smoke may have been pulling your leg.

Thank you for the kind words.


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I haven't learned how to read you guys yet. I've just been trying to be respectful and let everyone know how much I need/appreciate the help. I know I'm the new guy, so i don't mind a little ribbing till I'm accepted as a regular. I just don't want to create a rift with anyone. I need all the help you guys are willing to offer. :)

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I don't know how to put smilies here...
I was pulling your leg.

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esox07 (4b)

I think you will realize when you have ticked off someone in this forum. But it is really hard to do. I try all the time and they just ignore me.

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Nobody likes a quitter Bruce...just keep trying. :)

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Btw, one thing to remember when you're talking about cross-pollination in peppers. They mostly are self pollinating. Last I saw the estimate for hybridization for plants right next to each other was only 10-25% (thats per pepper, so you will obviously get several hybrids per plant when they're putting out dozens of pods).

So while its likely some of the pods would hybridize, the likelyhood of any particular pod having crossed is fairly low.

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