Cloning my peppers and tomatoes

mudkingApril 1, 2014

I'm growing a bunch of different varieties of tomatoes and hot hot peppers in organic compost and only feeding bat guano and worm castings. If I clone my plants to grow more of them quicker, will the clones still be organic too?

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Depends on what definition of organic you use and what you use to clone the plants.

A side note,unless the state/feds. checks out your grow,it is usually illegal to sell stuff labeled as organic.

You could get into trouble IF you sell your produce and IF some competitor wants you out of the local farmers market because they jumped through all the hoops and played the game($/fees required) to get certified...

I don't know if you sell your produce.
Just posting food for thought.

I see a ton of people selling everything from seeds/pods to sauces via the net.,calling the product anything to sell it at high prices.
A LOT aren't making their product with any kind of license (biz or otherwise) and not in certified kitchens.

They think selling stuff they call HOBBY Sauces,Powders or whatever makes them cool (until someone gets botulism from a bad bottle) or just turns them in to the feds or state...taxes or?
I'm sure the Judge and law will just wanted to get enough $ to buy stuff...

I assume you are selling stuff or you wouldn't care about a name.
Maybe google your state laws on what THEY consider Organic.
State stuff has to also be within fed standards.
The state can be stricter but can't be less strict.

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The world organic been throwing around way too much. Growing âÂÂorganicâ doesnâÂÂt mean your plants is organic. You should look up Monsanto. It opened my eye.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

To my understanding "Organic" in vegetables world refers to the growing practice. For example, growing medium, fertilizer, pest and disease control all are organic in nature. I dont understand how a SEED can be defined as "ORGANIC". Seeds only carry the genetic traits of the plants and do not change by growing conditions.
I feel that some of the practices in this area is a lot of gimmicks to jack up the prices. JMO.

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Im sure cloning powders , liquids ,and gels are not organic. You could make a tea from willow twigs and use the hormones in that to induce roots ,That would be organic . Personally I use MG for my starts and grow organic only after my plants are set out in the garden. In pots I still use MG 90% of my plants go in the ground. Im using pots to isolate for seed production and I find MG easier for container growing. Lime and PlantTone in the garden and Fish Fertilizer every 2 weeks. 480+ plants under lights right now , Im moving some into a friends GH this weekend. I need room as I started to early this year. The movement for 72 cells to 16oz cups takes up a lot more room. Willow Tea does work and is organic .

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Why do you want them to be "organic"?

What do you mean by that?


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Organic might be the wrong term to use as far as our responsibility as growers goes. I always try to leave any ground that I use better suited to any future use . Preserving the beneficial bacteria , Insect larva , and nemodides is important being responsible in our gardening habits is important also . Fungicides ,Pesticides,and Herbicides are not to be used at random. Willow Tea is old school , it works and is natural .

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Tomatoes can be cloned just by taking a cutting and rooting it in water, or damp soil (keep damp). Peppers are a little harder but I did succeed last year in growing the top of a pepper plant that got broken off when it was a young seedling, but rooting that in damp potting mix.

If you want to use a rooting hormone, search for an organic one - I never bothered since I don't do cloning except the occasional tomato.

As far as selling, you can sell organic produce (not sure about plants) without having certification as long as your gross is less than $5000/yr. I find it easier to just say "sustainably grown" or "natural" - usually leads to a discussion which benefits both parties.

Seeds labeled organic are from organically raised plants (obviously not hybrids) and seed-starting must be done in certified facility with OMRI-listed materials, etc. Lots cheaper to just buy OP seeds (though I grow some hybrids too, no GMOs), I use Promix BX (not OMRI b/c of wetting agents), Fafard (OMRI), or any peat-based cheap mix I can find to start b/c personally I don't think a little soap (wetting agent) hurts the seed, and the plants aren't in it that long (2 months or so) before going in the ground, where I do grow without synthetics.

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