HELP!! I cant believe it sprouted!!!

sgtksw05(9A)August 17, 2012

Alright, so now I am caught off guard. I went down to visit my biological mom down in West Palm Beach Florida in March and while I was there she gave me some Christmas Palm seeds. When I got back to Jacksonville I more or less just poked some holes in the ground with my index finger and shoved the seeds into the holes and covered it up. Well, it turns out that one has sprouted and now I dont know how to maintain it?!?! Being that this is zone 9 I know that I dont have to do anything immediately. Its going to be a while until we get close to freezing temperatures. What do you guys recommend?

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

if you want it to live past the first freeze then dig it up carefully and repot it. Otherwise you would have to build a greenhouse around it lol

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Wow! I never thought a person from Florida would be asking for advice on winter protection for Palms!

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Michael AKA Leekle2ManE - Zone 9a - Lady Lake

I know. Crazy right? When I moved down to central Florida two and a half years ago, I thought, "Ah, no more snow!" While we haven't had snow, we have had very icy mornings. If there had been any precipitation, there likely would have been snow. Talking with people who have lived here 10+ years, the past two winters have been freakishly cold and very unlike the regular winters. So I did not bother to inform them that I had just spent 7 years in Michigan and must have brought some of their winter with me. The same could have been said for Michigan when I moved from Louisiana to there. The following winters were warmer than usual...

As to the subject at hand, I would say get ready to watch weather reports on a daily basis and if it looks like temps might get ANYWHERE close to freezing, wrap it up to keep it warm. We all know how weathermen LOVE to be wrong. I am going to be doing the same with my citrus trees this winter.

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I would dig them up and pot them up now. That will give them a few months to get a nice root system in a pot so it wont be dug up and brought indoors all at the same time (both are very stressful on palms, especially being dug up). Be very careful not to damage any roots, taking off just a little bit of roots at that age can stunt the palm for years or kill it altogether. Usually the root is long and deep at that age.
Good luck!

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I second the root damage statments. My mother has a pindo and I keep trying to pull seedlings out of the armpits of the mother (not mine). Even the slightest root damage cripples or kills them in the long run. I've killed two and have a third on life support. I made the mistake of trying to get the big babies. Big mistake, go for the tiny ones with less of a root system.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Why are people shocked when a seed actually sprouts??
lol The trick with palms is "fresh" I often get 100 percent on seeds I collect now those that I've bought another story !! I'd put it in a pot should be able to get several years . at least you'll be able to move it??
Unfortuneately it does get cold in florida only Key West has remained frost free. lol I'm hearing predictions of a very cold winter in 13, hope they're wrong?? Good luck gary

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I'd agree with potting it up. The sooner the better before the root system gets too big and gets damaged in the process. When Adonidias are small the grow pretty fast.

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Well, I wish I had put it in a pot now....I left it in the ground since this is zone 9 and our low temps are still in the 70s so I figured that there was still a significant amount of time left for growing in the season.

That was all well and good until the lawn company came and executed palm sprout death by weedeater. It was literally 3 inches from the wall of the house in my flower bed. Guess that didnt matter.

Big sad face.

Maybe my triangle palm, which was a foot away, will survive the winter here.

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Maybe it wasnt death by weedeater after all....There is a sprout in the same location that looks very much alive despite having a rough edge where it would have been chewed up by the rubber blade. Heres hoping!!

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