digging up a Pigmy Date + Cycads ID HELP!

cmventuraAugust 12, 2011

Hi guys,

Do you think it is possible to dig this Pigmy date and transplanted somewhere else? Anyone has any tips/advice?

Also I need ID on these two cycads. Anybody?

Here is the pic of the pigmy date I wanna dig up and transplant. Thanks!

Then the 2 Cycads

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Yes, Pygmy date palms are pretty easy to transplant, but that is a large one and will need a lot of care not to tear apart the root ball too much. The cycads are very nice... first two look like Encephalartos transvenosus, but could be some hybrid. Second one is a very nice looking plant, probably some wide-leaf form of E lehmannii or maybe even princeps, but I really don't know for sure. I have seen some like that before and they were not officially identified, even by experts.

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