August 2010 pics of the yard (and comparisons from early summer)

tropicalzone7(7b)August 17, 2010

I cant believe its August already! This summer has been very nice to these plants. Ive never had a hummingbird in my yard until this year (they seem to like the tall red cannas). Ive seen 2 humming birds so far and Im sure they've been more that I havent seen. I wish I could get my camera fast enough to take a picture. The lantana and fan flowers seem to really attact the butterflies, many are very impressive colors and sizes and one of my hibiscus have been attracting a ridiculous amount of wasps and yellow jackets. The lady bugs have been everywhere too eating all the aphids and Ive been seeing a ton of moths. My palms are putting more growth than ever (windmill palms are at there 4th and 5th frond for the year and my sabal minor is on its 3rd frond). Even my pindo has finally pushed up 2 fronds.

So here are some pics of all the plants including my newest addition, a huge majesty palm (about 9 feet tall!!)

My hibiscus. It hasnt really grown too much this year but it has made some nice blooms.

> >

Heres my pindo palm.

Heres a look at my pindo palm from May. I know what your thinking, look at all the growth, not! But at least is still alive from the winter!

> >

The dragon wing begonias in this pot have grown so fast and so well. Its looking great with my Dwarf cavendish banana!

Heres a look at it earlier this year (late june), just a month or so after the begonias were planted in it.

> >

Lots of ginger from hawaii. they are all sprouting now. I have know idea where I will be putting them next year when they are bigger, but fortunately I have all winter to figure it out.

> >

Larger view

> >

Yay! It took all summer, but my bougainvillea had a bloom!! A few more buds are showing now also. Maybe it will be covered in blooms before its time to take it in this fall.

> >

Close up of the bougainvillea bloom

View of the area. The mexican petunias are getting a little root bound so they arent blooming as well as they used to. Ill divide it into new pots this fall before they go in.

Closer view of the plumerias

Plumeria inflo.

> >

Double peach hibiscus blooming nicely with my Pygmy palm in the back ground

Pygmy palm doing well

Ice cream banana and my 2 coconut palms

Closer view of the Coconut palms. The smaller one is from hawaii, and the other was from ebay and bought last june as a newly sprouted plant (about the size the smaller one is now).

A look at the splitting fronds of the larger coconut palm. Im so happy that its starting to get mature fronds! Its going to start looking really tropical next summer!!

Ice cream banana and Super Dwarf Cavendish

> >

Plumeria divine still blooming. Its been in bloom all summer and its really one of my favorite plants.

Heres one of the bunches of blooms on my divine

Close up of the flowers.

Another bloom pic

Heres a view of this corner with my absolutely huge majesty palm!!! The palm is about 9 feet tall and Its my tallest palm and 2nd tallest potted plant. It was a great price so I had to get it!

Philodendron and plumeria (with an inflo).

Plumeria inflo. This plumeria was new to this year

My majesty palm. Its going to be potted up soon and probably given the best spot I can give it when it goes inside this fall.

Long view of my Majesty palm

I forgot to add my agave pic.

> >

This area is looking great!

Look at it earlier this year in late june.

Hawaiian tree fern from hawaii. its already rooting but no fronds opening up yet.

This is a triple pygmy palm. I had it from last year and 2 of the 3 palms in the pot had spear pull probably from lack of water. Now they are pushing new spears!!

Close up of the new pygmy fronds

Windmill palm is a little buried but doing great!

Heres a look from last year showing how alone it was :( I think the entire area looks much better this year.

Cannas in the ground are getting HUGE

Plumeria Pudica has lots of inflos, one is about to make some nice blooms.

My other windmill palm, also buried


Some more tropicals all doing well including my mandevilla


Orleander flower

Passion fruit


This solandra maxima was only a foot in a half tall when I got it in early January 2010. Now its my tallest potted plant at about 10 feet tall!

Under the tree

Rubber tree

Bromeliad mounted on the tree

Bromeliad "Fireball"

Bromeliad "Donger"

I lost a lot of air plants over the winter, heres one that I still have

Queen palm

Alocasias. The Borneo Giant was pretty much dead so I put it in a pot in the shade and put it in a bad area for growing since I thought it was dead. Then when we started getting those triple digit heat, it opened a new leaf so i potted it up and put it back in the sun. Its thriving now!

Bottle palm recovering

Musa Basjoo

Lava plants from Hawaii

My 3rd and newest windmill palm

Sabal domingensis also new to this year

Medd fan palm newly planted this year

Medd fan palm pup

Sabal minor growing like crazy this summer! Its up to its 3rd frond!!

Sabal minor frond

Sabal minor frond (this is the 3rd one coming up now)

My new crape myrtle

Geraniums with the European fan palm in the background

Thanks for looking!!

Sorry for the amount of pics!

Hope everyones yards are looking great!


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Very nice yard tropicalzone7:)

    Bookmark   August 17, 2010 at 7:49PM
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impressive buddy! you have tons of beautiful plants!

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

You have a beautiful yard, thanks for posting your pictures, I really enjoyed looking at them. It looks like you have a lot of the same plants that I do. My pygmy date palm looked pretty bad after spending the winter in the garage but it has made a pretty good comeback and its
actually starting to bloom. I also have a plumeria that is a pretty good size but it has yet to bloom. Do they normally bloom in the late summer?

I love your bromeliads too! They have become my lastest obsession and I have quite a few of them on my patio. I love their bright colors and yours looks nice mounted in the tree.


    Bookmark   August 17, 2010 at 8:39PM
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Wow Beautiful. Awesome diversity you have in your yard. I am sure every year the collection grows larger.

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Thank you all for the nice comments and for looking! Im glad that you all liked everything!!
Tropic lover, Im also know of new to bromeliads. I have a few now and I love the color they bring! The one I have mounted on the tree was only 6 dollars so I had to get it and I hope I can sucessfully take it off the tree in the fall because I would hate to lose such a nice plant. Plumerias naturally bloom throughout the growing season, but with the exception of my Plumeria "divine" all my plumerias seem to bloom later in the year. This is only my 2nd year with plumerias but I have about 8 now and 4 out of the 5 that have bloomed, bloomed after August. If they dont have there inflos showing by now than they probably wont bloom until October at the earliest and they might be inside by then. So far My plumeria divine has been my best bloomer. Its a dwarf plumeria but also a fast grower. Its only my second year with it (It was very small when I got it), but now it pretty big, but still not very tall in height. Pygmy palms seem to hate being indoors but they are always so determined to make a comeback! Im going to try to give them a good spot this winter because I think they deserve it after such a nice recovery!
Thanks and good luck!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Alex,

Where do I begin?

Everything has double or even tripled in size from just two months ago...I can't believe the growth!!! You must be so pleased with the beauty of your yard...

What a beautiful escape to return home to such a peaceful and relaxing oasis!!! That is exactly what I wanted when I planted my palm trees. To be able to feel like you are on vacation somewhere down south..anywhere where tropicals are abundant... You have really mastered that feel!! Congratulations on a fine looking yard!!!

Ok...let me think of all of the great shots...I love the agave (it's grown so much!!!) The Oleander is so different than any of the other ones here in my area..quite interesting and beautiful. The Hibiscus (peach) is probably one of my well as that wonderful Divine. The coloration on this Plumeria is wonderful. It really loves the heat considering the quality of the rich intense orange/pink color. The Lava plants are a great find. Did you ship them from Hawaii?

Everything looks wonderful...You have done a great job on your beautiful yard...I'll bet at night (with the lights on the plants) would be quite a sight to see!!! Kind of like being at the Ritz Carlton!!! LOL... Ok... I'll stop!!!

We have had alot of Hummingbirds here as well...they really love the Texas Star Hardy Hibiscus...I put up a feeder next to my window looking out my backyard and they are feeding all day. The males constantly fight each other for the feeder territory (quite a show) If you want some seeds or even some babies let me know... always welcome to them!!!
The flowers are a large red that attract they are always hiding in and around to attact the other birds who try and feed at the feeder...Love the hummers too!!!

Always enjoy seeing the progress of everyones yard!!!

Keep the pics coming everyone!!!

Take Care...

Laurain VB

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Chicago palm, The collection is definitely growing larger every year!! Its amazing how many more plants I have this year compared to last! I think I must have added at least 30-40 more tropical plants to the collection this year!
Good luck!

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Thanks Laura! I do love all the growth that my plants have gotten this year! They all love the heat!! The do look pretty good at night with the lights shining on them! I love the texas star Hibiscus! Thank you so much for the offer but right now I have a ton of plants to put in the ground. I think by next spring when I take out a few shrubs and fit in some of the tropicals, I will definitely know if I can fit one more cold tolerant beauty! I love the hardy hibiscus. Rose of sharon is a VERY popular plant here (so much so that they are starting to grow by the forest edges too!) but Texas star is rarely seen and I think it should be grown a lot more. Ill definitely post a pic of the plumeria pudica when it blooms. The wait for the first plumeria bloom to open always feels like forever!!
Good luck and thanks for the complement and for looking!! Your yard always looks like the tropics to me! Im hoping for my palms to get that tall one day!!

    Bookmark   August 17, 2010 at 10:40PM
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Super Super pics. like mrs. Laura said everything has basically doubled in size! great job! also i bet you are happy your coconut's fronds are finally splitting... thats a beautiful first sight! keep it up and talk soon -Justin in VB

    Bookmark   August 17, 2010 at 10:46PM
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Thanks Justin! The coconut palm leaves splitting was a great sight for sure! I was so happy and now its growing pretty fast so Im really happy its doing so well! Thanks for looking!!!

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DUDE! You are a true artist. Fantastic job. The obvious question (and something that I struggle with every October) is where to keep all the tropicals inside. Do you have a large greenhouse? My wife likes 'a few plants' indoors but she says it looks like a jungle over the winter; which I see nothing wrong with :) I have read that the fire bromediads become a beautiful red when they are exposed to full sun. In your picture it looks as though they are in partial shade? Great job once again and I will end this post with the Alex signature goodbye:
Good Luck!

    Bookmark   August 18, 2010 at 12:11PM
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Thanks Chris! I wish I had a greenhouse, but I dont really have a place where it would look good and get the benifits of the sun. I usually just put the plants around the house with the tallest palms going by the tallest ceiling . Last year all the plants barely had a place to go and this year I have a LOT more so Im starting to get a little worried. I think Im going to partially convert a room into a greenhouse since it has nice south facing windows and is rarely used. But one day I would really love to put all these plants in a greenhouse! Until then my house becomes a jungle with all the plants are fighting for their lives until spring finally comes! I think I am going to look up about greenhouses and maybe see where one can go. I can dream :)
And thanks for the tip about the Fireball bromeliad. Originally when I took them out in late march, they were in full sun, but when the tree grew leaves for the summer, It got a lot more shade. I think next year Im going to look for a place with more sun and maybe if I get enough pups, I will have a few more plants too!
And you got my ending signature just right! Sometimes I dont even notice Im writing it, lol....
Good luck!

    Bookmark   August 18, 2010 at 2:30PM
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Everything looks nice Alex/super healthy!

I think Bougs need heat/drought stress to flower well,
give it a try.(-:

    Bookmark   August 18, 2010 at 10:59PM
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Thanks jim! I also heard that bougainvillea need to be very dry before they flower which is why I never watered mine. But then it started wilting so I watered it only enough to keep it from wilting (a little bit every 3 days). I gave it as much neglect as I could, but it never really worked! I heard that they like being root bound and mine is in a huge pot so I think thats probably the reason why its not blooming. But Im hoping next year it will have better blooms. It has made lots of progress since last year (last year it was only 6 inches tall!). Next year its getting more sun and as little water as possible so Im hoping that it will be filled with blooms!! I see about 10-20 buds on it now so maybe it will have a good amount of blooms before fall! I sure hope it does!!
Thanks for looking and for the advice!
Good luck!

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Everything looks amazing! you take good care of your yard & i love those banana plants. am thinking about getting a few my self. i was at disneyland last week and came across a banana plant that had several bananas hanging from it & it looked beautiful! very tropical. i should of brought my camera, oh well next time good thing my girlfriend & me have a season pass. i much rather have a season pass to six flags or even universal studios but my daughter & girlfriend love it there. & i dont mind site seeing, there alot of palms & plants there to see so its a win/win. anyways great stuff keep doing what your doing everything looks very happy!

    Bookmark   August 19, 2010 at 1:05AM
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Thanks james! I wouldnt mind going to an amusement park just for the plants! I do love Disney World, but I hear Disneyland is small and only a very few rides in Disney are really fast and fun. But next time you go, you should definitely snap a few pics of some of the plants on the site! I love to see banana plants in fruit and hopefully one day mine will give me some fruit too. I really recommend banana plants because they really add to the tropical look and they are pretty quick growers too. But they are water lovers and cant ever go completely dry.
Thanks for commenting!!
Good luck!

    Bookmark   August 19, 2010 at 2:35AM
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Very nice garden. You may want to consider that line of work.

Where do you store all the potted tropicals in the winter? Do you have a big window?

    Bookmark   August 19, 2010 at 10:56AM
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Thanks jacklord! Right now Im considering being a meteorologist but I really think that I will be growing tropical plants like crazy no matter where I live or what I do!
The potted plants dont really have just one window they go to. There 2 south facing windows where they stay and seem to like and then theres also a north facing window which is very bright and a lot of the plants also really like. A room upstairs has a window they also really like and then there a few cornders that get a few minutes of direct sun later in the day. The garage is also becoming a popular spot too now! Im constantly trying to find new spots for them all indoors and somehow I always manage to find a place for them all!
Thanks for looking!
Good luck!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

What a great tour. Its more than just palms but a experience. Nice touch with the passion fruit and moth:)How tall was your Oleander when it bloomed?

Some of my palms are burried a bit too but I figure they'll have more sun when the tomato plants die back. Us urban gardeners use our space to the max:)

    Bookmark   August 20, 2010 at 10:19AM
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Thanks greg! The passion fruit is new and Im excited to have it as an addition to the yard and the moths are everywhere! They both made some pretty decent pics though!! My oleander has been blooming almost since I got it this year as a 3 gallon plant about 3 feet tall. It didnt start blooming like this until july though! Ive always wanted an Oleander but I couldnt find one locally until this year. The oleander does have a few seed pods on it so I might be able to give out some small plants when the pods ripen (one of the pods have been on there for almost 2 months now!)
Urban gardeners really have to use there space to the max! I consider my area suburban but there isnt a lot of planting space, definitely not enough for the full tropical effect. The Windmill palms seem to actually like being a little crowded so they arent too upset but once winter comes mine will also have there own space again.
Good luck! Thanks for looking!!

    Bookmark   August 20, 2010 at 11:25AM
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