One Castor leaf/one week

jimhardyAugust 10, 2013

One week ago today(Saturday)I took a picture of one of the Castor plants leaves....
the first picture is from last week,the leaf is the one out of the sheath and on the other side,
it is maybe 2 inches across.

Second picture from the other side,same leaf-with our slightly below normal
temps I never would have though it would grow so is around 2' across now(-:

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They do get some amazing growth.

I have seen a number of castor plants growing around here, but haven't been able to find where everybody's getting them. It's too late in the season to order one online, but they really are fun to grow.

Do you repurchase your plants year after year or dig the roots up or something?

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They seed like mad. once you get some you should never have to buy them again. I have a diff types in the back and am now starting to think some of them have cross bred. There is also one at a tire and lube place I found that is something special. the leaves are 3 ft across the vein is bright yellow and the leaf is a blue/green..The man let me take some seed and hopefully they all mature. it really is amazing how these grow. If you want some seed around oct. let me know I will have BUNCHES

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I buy my seeds off e-bay from a guy that grows the giant Zanzibar variety.
I also buy the New Zealand purple off e-bay.
The biggest Castor is from a seed from the biggest last year.

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Great growth! They are amazing plants. Whenever I see castor beans growing in yards by me, I can really tell that those people know about plants!
I definitely need to get some castor beans for next year. Which variety do you like the best? I'm thinking of trying the new zealand purple since I'm more interested in color than size because of the limited space in my yard.
Thanks for sharing!

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