black leaf tips on mu plumeria

sondra2010May 26, 2010

The tree is finally leafing out after winter, but some of the leaf tips are black. Why is that happening?

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

pick them off. If the ends are black, cut off the ends. Usually is not a problem but if it spreads to an inflo it is a form of black tip and will ruin the inflo. If it moves down into the tip of the plant you need to cut the black off. I just remove it quickly and that usually ends it.

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This happened to one of mine. I think I took it outside too soon and it got zapped by a cold night. Still kicking myself as it had 2 inflo's and I had been waiting 2 years to see what they would look like. Removing black tips today.

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Thank you for responding and I will continue to either remove or cut off the black tip.

Excuse my ignorance, but what is an inflo.? Does that mean in flower? I don't have buds yet - it is just now leafing out.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

check the post titled What is my cutting doing? that is about 5 post behind this one.

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I snipped off a couple of leaves with the black tips and took them to the nursery where I bought the Plumeria.

The owner and another grower both said it was Thrips. Their advice was to take off the bad leaves right away and to use an insecticidal soap to spray the leaves.

I only had some Neem Oil + soap and water mixed up so I'm using that until I can go buy a commercial product.

They also recommended that I amend the soil with organics and feed with about a cup of Nutricote every month. They said if the soil isn't optimum then I will have problems.

I added some coffee grounds + egg shells until I can get something better.

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