Jalabanero F1 Characteristics

brien_nz(New Zealand)April 12, 2011

Several posters have mentioned this hybrid, and I would be grateful to get some more information. In particular:-

1 Were the seeds obtained commercially (and if so from where) or are they members own crosses?

2 If the latter is the 'mother' flower the jalapeno or the habanero?

3 Is the taste habanero like, jalapeno like or somewhere in between (or completely different)?

4 Ditto for the heat?

5 Are they early fruiting like the jal or late like the hab?

6 And finally! has anyone tried to back cross to get a stable variety?

Thanks for any info.


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A guy posting as Web Of Hair(I think it was) crossed the seeds a few years ago.
I still have my original plant barely fighting off the mites.
Never grew the seeds from my plant though I saved a couple from isolated buds.
It didn't taste to me like either a jalapeno or habanero.
Mine was a very thick fleshed pod shaped like a fatter type jalapeno variety.
My plant has always been indoors and fruited year round so I never knew wether it was a long or short season fruiter.It set buds year round like Jalapenos do here in S.California.
It wasn't habanero hot.
My plant might not be too good an example,it has been under attack by one thing or another it's whole life...

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I had seeds from same source. Two plants - Neither had a chinense flavor but were fairly hot - different pod shape -plant 1 had thick flesh-plant two's was thinner

Plant 1

Plant 2

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