Passion Vine Hopper in NY?

tastefullyjulie(Lewiston, NY 6)July 23, 2013

I have a large number of these bizarre bugs on my zucchini and cucumbers this summer. I have never seen it before but research says it's a passion vine hopper. I can't find any evidence of them existing outside of Australia and New Zealand. Has anyone heard of these before? I'm afraid if they have no predators here I will be infested with them.

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It is such a cute little fluffy blob on the photo, I can't really be sure, but please check out wooly aphid. I have seen them here lately and they don't seem to be very host specific, and will gladly suck the life out of a variety of plants. Not bashing your photo, but there is just so much detail a camera can take and is sure better than just a description. You have seen it from various angles and we haven't.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It's the nymph of one of the many plant hopper insects, but not the Passion Vine Hopper. There are oodles of them, all plants pests.....most of a minor category.

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