Need help quickly! Strange wilting spreading across my garden

aesteikJuly 6, 2012

Thanks in advance for the help. This literally happened overnight and is spreading rapidly. It looks like my pole beans are most affected, but my peppers (see picture) and chard are also wilting (no tomatoes wilting as of yet). Symptoms: wilted leaves (both new and old) in the morning, leading to curled and crisped leaves this afternoon. No yellowing at all, just immediate wilt/crisp/death of leaves. Thanks again for the help and happy to post more pictures if needed.

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Here is a picture of our pole beans with the same problem.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Has anyone done any spraying....of any kind?

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We have not personally done any spraying of any kind. However, our next door neighbors have a garden right next to ours (separated by just a chain link fence) so it is possible that he's done something. I also noticed that my neighbor's lettuce has the same problem! I'm now wondering if this started over on his side...

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Looks environmental to me. Especially since affecting so many different kinds of plants.

Lots of things to consider, among them these:

What have your temperatures been? Day & night?
And your humidity?

What's your soil like? Depth? How long does it stay moist?
How do you decide when to water?
How do you determine you've watered enough?

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looks like a spray patteren there. some kind of herbicide. if you look there would be a line of dead folaige from the neighbors to yours where the wind would have been blowing.

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