elucas101(8)May 25, 2013

WOW!!! It's official. I am in LOVE. That's how I feel looking at this spectacular bloom. There is going to be gushing and probably too many photos, I am warning you.

I got Gina last year as a cutting, and she has been a hardy, strong grower for me. An inflo developed and hung on through cold and gloom and all. I have been anxiously waiting for this one bloom to open since it was way ahead of the other developing buds, and I can say... it didn't disappoint!!!

It started opening yesterday, and the weather was rainy and humid so it actually progressed rather quickly. I was so excited about this one I went out in the rain 4 different times to take pictures.

Almost time.

Luckily, it looks like I am in for a treat with quite a few developing buds still waiting to open - YAY!!!!!!!!!

Now some serious progress:

And then this morning, THIS.

It looks like I am going to have 3-4 branches from this inflo too!

The flowers are really thick and waxy, very substantial, just gorgeous!!!. The scent is subdued right now, possibly from the huge amount of rain we';ve had but in the center I can smell a deep perfumed scent. I'll let you know if it gets more intense.

The temps have been in the high 90's I think, the humidity very high. The photos are good but there is an intensity to the reds that can be difficult to capture as you all know - it is truly a stunning bloom. It goes almost purply red to a true red to orange right now in these temps.

One more.

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I have Gina that I bought as a 4 ft. plant in a 5 gallon pot at a surf contest in ventura, ca. Love the plant and it has holding power and a wonderful bloom. Great photo....enjoy, roxanne

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Looks great! Thanks for sharing.


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I have a Gina also. One of my favorites

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GORGEOUS! and it looks like you are going to have a lot of blooms too!

I bought a 5 gallon from John at JJ's in late summer of 2011. It bloomed last summer but I wasn't there to see it. Anxiously awaiting and hoping for blooms this summer.

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Hubba, hubba! E, you can never post too many pics of a flower like that! So glad I finally got one this year. They do look amazing in our heat and humidity.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Dang! Gina was on my "to go list". Ok pulling her back now.

Should have listened to Bill... I'm soo out of space! :(

But I can see why you're in love. Gina is GORGEOUS!! The colors are soo rich! Simply gorgeous. Now I know why I bought over 100 plumerias last year.

Thank you for sharing that. I'm excited now! :)

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Oh yes, Gina is a beauty and yours is no exception. Nice pictures!


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Emily, your "Gina" is beautiful!! Congrats!

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Thank you for all of the kind words everyone! I am so pleased with this one and this is my first bloom of the season too! The flower has fallen off but it held on for a couple of days with a LOT of rain so not too bad. It is a kind of beefy grower, but since it hasn't shown to be finicky at all I think is a fair trade off for a rich red.

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Nice work E! I lost some blooms in the storms too.

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Love, love, love! And I don't own this one..hum :) Congrats on your beauty. Keep the pic's comin'!


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rox146 Gina is slow to leaf out...all sun on a deck till say fish...but it is vigorous once it gets going. roxanne

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My gorgeous girl has been pushing an inflo in the garage on an approx 8" branch! Gina bloomed for me ALL season long last year & has already started for this season! Truly one of my TOP favorites!

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Mine is still on the deck BUT pushing and looking happy! roxanne

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Good Morning Emily!!!

Congratulations on having another inflo on this beauty!!! I know you are sooo happy!!

Hi Rox!! I am also so excited for you too!!! WHOO HOO!!

Love the colors on this one..

Please post pictures so we can drool.. Thanks, ladies!!!


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Sigh... putting Gina back AGAIN! Emily you're killing me! I have been trying to let Gina go for two years now! This is the longest breakup ever.

Somebody has to go I can't keep them all!! :( I told DH if I don't let them go now before they wake up or pushing an inflo then I will never be able to let them go. But I'm getting too tired I can't care for them as well.

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Rox - CONGRATS, she is such a treat! How long have you had yours? The coloration along with the growth habits so far have me completely smitten - she would make my final cut no matter what!!!

Laura - Thank you so much!!! Honestly, Gina is everything I want in a plumie - she is hardy, she blooms frequently and for a long time - she is blooming right now on about an 8" branch (which is 1 branch of 3 from a bloom last year) and the blooms last year kept coming for a long time!

Lynn - SO SORRY! LOL!! But she's just one of my VERY faves. She doesn't let me down and she doesn't get all cranky. The inflo I had last year lasted a REALLY long time. She is not sensitive for a red, which is unusual.

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Mine is over 5 feet in the pot it is in and I have had it for over 3 years now. I traded George for a wildfire this past year...they sit very close together and the 2 are really gorgeous bloomers...Gina and Wildfire...cannot wait for mine....congrats, roxanne

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Wow! Not only is that a beautiful flower but the whole inflo is gorgeous! I'm in love and will have to purchase her. For some reason, those that are readily available, like Gina and Elsie, etc., I seem to put off getting. I don't know why!

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Emily, I would be soooo happy if you had a spare bloom to bring to our meeting Sunday--I've never seen Gina in person!

Can't wait to catch up with you!

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EDIT for earlier post - I said she is "blooming" on an 8" branch but I was just excited - she is pushing an INFLO on an 8" branch. SORRY, TOO EXCITED!

Rox, worth the wait, right?! LOVE this one! Is yours pretty good about blooming? Mine bloomed last year and is pushing an inflo off the branches that developed from that one! The inflo last year lasted a very long time too!

Mona - I tend to do that sometimes as well, put off the ones I know I can get easily. I was lucky enough to have won Gina in a contest that a lady named Gabby had on the MPG forum (if anyone is still in contact with Gabby please tell her I said hello!) otherwise I don't know how long it would have taken me to realize I HAD to have her!

Jen - I won't have a bloom this meeting but hopefully the next one!!! (I don't know if you really want to see her...she is quite a temptress! LOL!)

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Emily, she can tempt me no more: I got Gina last spring, from Gabby, as a trade for some Thai cuttings she was having trouble getting into CA. Win/win!

Now I'm just patiently waiting for signs of life from any of mine. There are only a few showing claw activity right now, but with our stretch of warmer days that should change soon. Almost everyone is outside now--hallelujah!

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