Squash Bugs

lkeithtJuly 7, 2011

We planted pumpkins in a new section (no garden there for abt 15 years), at least 200ft from where we planted pumpkins last year (which were hit by squash bugs). I'm starting to find them again. I killed several adults and destroyed eggs the day before yesterday. Today I checked again and found 6 more adults and about 25 egg clusters. This is on about 20 pumpkin plants that have 8-10 leaves each. Last year we tried spraying soapy water, but that burned the leaves. I need to find something other than manually destroying these things, especially considering that its getting hotter (heat index 100+ today) and the amount of leaves to check are increasing.

Does DE kill them? Do the young leave the plant long enough to contact the DE? Any other suggestions?



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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'll suggest that you research a kaolin clay product called 'Surround', which works (quite well) as a physical repellent against many different kinds of pest insects.

The white coating you'll apply not only keeps the pests away but is of huge help to crops during periods of high temperatures and blazing sun.

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Diamotaceous Earth might be of some limited value for controlling the larva of the Squash pests and Surround can disguise the leaves enough so the wee buggers are confused enough so they don't find the plants.
Neem Oil products appear to be good at controlling the various pests of Squash although due care is needed since Neem Oil products are broad spectrum poisons that can also kill off the beneficial insects that can aid in control of the squash pests.

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