Siding in a microclimate

earthworm73(WA z8)August 16, 2011

Up here because we avg. mid 70's to low 80's in summer we have to take advantage of any warm microclimate we can get. At my house I have a south wall with vurtually no windows. There is a long but shallow planting bed in between the wall/foundation and a sidwalk. The bed is located elevated from the common sidewalk and street about 7 feet. The foundation of the house is only exposed about six inches so I know that doesn't come into play. So my question is does wood siding (Hardy Plank/Board)create a decent microcimate? BTW the siding is not white but light green. I know sometime color matters.

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All things are relative. Sounds like a decent microclimate. Is it the warmest possible? No. But I don't think you want your house covered in black bricks on the south side.:) I painted the bottom part of the masonry on my house white and the house tiles are painted very pale shell color (almost white). I do use black mulch on my south side for some added heat for some of the subtropicals
Don't forget some of that microclimate around your house has to do with the fact that you heat it during the winter and heat escapes around it.

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