Updates to my yard!

james760August 1, 2012

here are a few pics of some new palm that i planted in my yard as well as some other pics!

washy rescued from a nursery closing.

windmills-same story!

this eucalypus seed apparently fell in a pot of a phoenix reclinata. i think it looks cool & hope to also give it some protection durning witer, but still gots some more growing to eventually protect it. am gona have to protect this one & hope for the best!

8-10 forming trunks in this clump.

trithrinax campestris!

cali fans rescued to, planted them this feb. had no choice & figured that they had the best chance in the ground. despite a low of 20*F this year & all the leaves fried they came back strong!

bad pic of my blue mediterranean on the bottom right corner.

pic of my rescued canary planted in May.

3months later its recovering nicely! notice the neighbors yucca brevifolia(joshua tree)!

some better pics of my palms i already posted!

pindo palm

trithrinax brasiliensis

phoenix theophrastii

everglades palm

sabal blackburniana

thanks for looking!

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

looks great! its going to be a cool oasis in a few years. good score with the rescues. Got any plans for pathways or hardscapes of any kind?

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Great pics and palms! Good luck with your new rescue palms, the other palms you rescued look great now so Im sure those will too! The trithrinax all look great too, I hear those can be painfully slow growers, but they are beautiful palms when adults and nice at a young age too. Your neighbor has a really beautiful joshua tree!
Looking forward to seeing everything grow in and Im sure you'll be planting more and more since you have some nice new purchases!
Thanks for sharing!

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ericthehurdler, no, no future plans but that sounds pretty nice! i can just picture it now =) i actually live with my sister so im some wut limited to what i can do,but i no she will not mind if i put in some pathways. i plan on moving out in about 2-3 years to a house with 2 1/2 acres so i can plant & do so much more!

alex, i get pretty good growth out of trithrinax palms. Brasiliensis put out about 4-6 leaves a year in pots, so in the ground i expect more. will see! & Campestris puts out about 16 leaves a year between the two palms! but the only thing is i see more noticeable growth out of Brasiliensis palms even though Campestris puts out more leaves a year.Schizophylla i dont no about the growth as i only had it about a year, but seems the slowest grower out of the 3.

thanks again for looking!

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

you should definitely install a drip system lol

where are you going to move?

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for sure lol! i plan on putting in a drip system before this winter, hopefully! it takes me 2 1/2 hours to water all my palms, every 2-3 days on top of working full time, spending time with my family, plus i start school in 3 weeks, awwww... the american dream right?

am gona stay local, possibly in Oak hills in Hesperia still. but my main goal is to move to Fallbrooks when me & my girlfriend can afford it! i managed to coax my girlfriend into picking that area as a long time move! a true zone 10a some areas 10b about 25-30 mins from San Diego but far enough inland to support a bunch of heat loving palms! our daughter will really love it there as am teaching her all i know about palms lol! she has a mexican fan palm about the same age as her as well as the queen palm in the pic i planted for her. she loves queens!lol!

my daughter exploring the palm world lol!


my baby first day @ pre-school, this wednesday! going to school to be the next palm expert lol!

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