Michigan Needle Palm flowering

islandbreezeAugust 22, 2012

Just found this yesterday. I've never had a needle palm flower before, but it must mean it doesn't mind it's growing conditions too much...

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It's happy for now at least. Wait until winter comes. Mine flowered too but it is first year in the ground. How long has your's been in the ground? Do you protect?

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This is it's second year in ground, planted spring of last year. I wrapped it in burlap and turned christmas lights on for 1 night last year when we got down to 3 degrees. No plastic or insulation used, just burlap.

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That's cool. I've gotten a roebi to flower a couple of times.

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The only other palm I've ever had flower was a Roebi and a huge sabal minor that only survived it's first year. I got seed from the sabal minor. The Roebi rotted at some point later.

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

Burlap works. Plastic would have killed it.

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I've never had a minor flower, can't wait for that. My potted Med Fan flowers every spring while it is still indoors. My chamedorea also flowers.

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Congrats on the flower! It definitely means it's happy!
Only palms that have flowered for me is my Chamaedorea (flowers non stop all the time), my Sabal Minor (flowered last summer, but nothing this year its been in the ground for 4 summers now), and my Med fan palm (flowered this year for the first time and has been in the ground for 3 summers now). Its always a good sign when a palm flowers (unless it's a species that dies after blooming like fishtail palms!)

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Mine did the same thing this spring(:


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