Have you seen this stem issue?

LikesItHotApril 21, 2013

I'm new to the forum, but have been growing hot peppers around 12 years or so. This year I have a strange issue with a stem condition I can't identify (see photo), and was hoping someone here could ID it with certainty. I'm seeing this on the stems of about 25% of my plants (started in early February, and still living indoors). I've hunted around for photos of stem conditions, but so far haven't found something exactly like it. Any help would be appreciated!

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It looks like some kind of insect damage.

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i am with trilliam on this. it is similar to cicada egg slits. not saying that a cicada did that but not sure what else does that. I sure hope i am wrong about this because if they are egg slits of some kind, chances are that the affected branch will probably fall off when the eggs hatch

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I was just getting ready to post the same question! Here is a picture of mine. Bought from a nursery a week ago and planted the same day. The damaged part is very wilted and the entire pepper is laying on the ground. Insect?

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Whoops - let's try that with the actual picture attached!

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Looks like physical damage. Take it back to the nursery for replacement.

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It looks like there may have been a fungus. Possibly some damping off. I've had it happen. It is frustrating when you have 1 or 2 of a variety and you lose them to damping off. That's what I think it might be. You can get some Captan and mix according to the instructions and spray the plant at the base. Captan helps prevent fungus that cause damping off.

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