Ponytail Palm Crown Collapse!

Lindsay___August 15, 2013

Help! I left for a two week vacation and returned to find my ponytail palm crown had collapsed. My husband swears he watered it...so not completely sure about that, however I do know that it rained too. I am near the tropic of cancer and believe it is a zone 11, but not completely sure. It is very hot, around 100 and humid. The palm gets some sun, but not all day and has been fine until now. I am concerned about the soil less medium, since I thought it was a mix of soil and coconut, but have found out it is only coconut. This mix does not retain water, which I thought may end up being good. I can repot it to see if that helps with a mix of nutrient rich soil. It has a lot of new growth at the top which seems unable to support itself now.

There is also a chance that the nearby umbrella may have poured water onto the top when it rained and maybe damaged the crown. Just not sure???


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How about a pic of the center.

Is the base still firm?
Is the center still alive/green?

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Thanks for the response! The picture of the center is att'd. The base is still very firm and the center is alive and green.

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I just tried to sort out the top center leaves and found that one was dislocated from the plant and a few more were damaged at the center and I could pull them out. I'm not sure if there is damage there or not, the leaves are light green which may mean they are not healthy?

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