help! need diagnosis on weeping cherry bark...

alexavd(7A)July 8, 2014

Does anyone know what is causing this peeling of the bark on my weeping cherry? And if so, how to remedy it? Thanks!

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alexavd, looks terminal to me.
See if THIS helps.

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Oy, thanks, yes that looks just like it. Only thing is, I have no sap coming out. Also the leaves and branches are not affected, only the bark. Am hoping against home it is just frost burn from last winter. I just put this tree in last spring, so maybe the fast growth of a young tree combined with the "polar vortex" winter last year combined to create the situation. It's about twice as big as it was a month ago though.

Thank you for the link, that was very helpful. What I have does look just like the pictures in the link.

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