Rain! Liquid Gold

earthworm73(WA z8)August 22, 2011

To some of yall in the "drought belt" this will seem like nothing but today we are having an all day rain event after not having any rain for the past 3-4 weeks. All day rain (or any measureable rain) in August is very rare in our area. The last very days have seen the hottest temps of the year so far. And now rain. I believe Andy from Michigan posted a month ago about the growth explosion after a long period without rain. I am expecting the same thing.

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Congrats on the rain! I had the same problem here in July (about a month of almost no rain with 3 days well into the 100s and almost every other day into the 90s). Now this month, I cant get rid of the rain. If Hurricane Irlene follows the path that is currently forecasted, not only will it bring some wind damage here in NYC, but it will also probably bring the monthly rain total in my yard to around 20 inches!
But even with this huge surplus of rain, I still notice a nice explosion of growth when the sun comes back out!

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