The Switters Estate Pepper Farm

paceyswittersApril 22, 2011

Custom-rigged monstrosity (the frame is intended to be lined on the outside with mylar, allowing me to twist-tie in additional CFLS as needed on the interior wire).

The mirror is just intended to juxtapose the white wall in the interim. There's a vent on the other side that (hopefully) is keeping everything in the upper 70's (can't go higher because I have a couple tomatoes in there).

I've brought exactly one girl home since setting this up a couple weeks ago, and needless to say she wasn't a fan of the 24 hour lighting. I can not tell you how excited I'll be for the mylar to arrive.

I live in MT, so there's probably still 30+ days left before it's safe to put them outside. Given the extent of the setup I've put together, I might even wait until the end of June just to make sure they get steady 70+ days. I've heard the nights still dip into the lower 40's here occasionally until late July, so I don't want to take any chances.

Still waiting on the bhuts to germinate.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Did that one girl agree to come back to try the peppers at least? ;-)

Seriously huge pics....difficult to scroll back and forth.

Updates, please!


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PS: bhuts are coming in!

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Sorry :) I was in a hurry when I posted that and couldn't figure out how to adjust the image size on imgur.

I doubt I'll be able to convince my nonplussed guest to come back, but I'll see if I can return to her good graces with a gift of capsaicin and milk.

This is my first go, and I really feel like I should be keeping a spreadsheet, but haven't gotten around to starting one. I'll remedy that this evening; it will be a welcome break from studying for finals. It's actually been a hilariously inept process�the plants have all already been transplanted from peat pellets to larger pots to the smaller pots currently pictured. I'm curious: will that, in the long term, create a more robust plant? Or does the expenditure of energy so early in its life probably irreparably hinder it? I'm not too concerned, as they seem to have survived ok and their seeds at least won't be harmed, but it'll be good to know for next time.

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