Off to a Slow But steady Start

the_first_kms2(8/9)May 5, 2013

Hi everyone,
This spring has been a interesting one to say the least. I have had some very old established plants in ground since the first weekend in March and all have been out of the greenhouse since about the same time. The rooters have come in and out a few times but that's not such a big deal. I hope everyone is getting ready for a great summer. Here are a few pictures I have taken mostly today but some from early in April.

A 2 year old Samoan Fluff which got roughly handled in some weather late last year. Hopefully it will branch out from the cuts. Its in a new planting bed i put in last month.

My Heavily pruned Lei Flower in the front garden.

Dean Conklin and Mexican Honeysuckle a few weeks back. I have to move him to a spot with more sun.

Royal Hawaiian with blooming Bouganvilla and Jasmine.

Two of my older Celadines in the late afternoon shade.

An Observation: Does anyone else notice a delay in tip growth when there are seed pods? Look at the difference between these branches. The far one actually has an inflo hidden by the leaves.

The Grove of Smalls.

My DSP which also was heavily root pruned this year. Its a bit slow to start but is now pushing out new growth and inflos.

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Beautiful pics and very nice and healthy
looking plumies! Thanks for sharing


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hey K. I love your landscaping. you say older establish have been in ground since March. do you dig them up every winter? How do you store them?
I'm thinking i might try some inground this year.
Thanks for sharing!

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Yes, mine that have seed pods are also slow to tip out....other tips on the same tree are ahead of the game...roxanne

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Very nice, K! Love the new walkway and bed you put off the side of the driveway. Where do you find the time?

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thanks for the props on the landscaping. I have tried to focus on plants that are native or adaptable to South Texas and if doesn't say drought tolerant I won't buy it. This is the first year I am planting in the ground. My plan to dig out the plants is still TBD. I'll have to read up on it a bit more and probably visit with Emerson to get his advice. I'll let you know what he recommends. I will say for other readers to this post the two celadines are about 12 years old and quite woody/established which I think is an important discriminator. The Samoan is obviously much younger..but hey its Samoan Fluff.

Some outside factors still to be considered but I may take a chance with one or more keeping in ground all year. I'll have a frost blanket and incandescent christmas lights ready to go. This year parts of my backyard did not get a heavy freeze. I have Hibiscus and Bouganvilla which have not frozen back in now two years.

Rox, thanks for the input on the seed pods. Do you cut them off or do anything else? While I dont care for seeds I have a hard time purposely removing them.

J, I had someone do the concrete and flagstone walk and then I did the rest of the beds and blocks. Really the hardest part was loading all 58 of those retaining wall blocks in the truck. Once the first run was level it went quite quick. The walk goes all the way around to the greenhouse and garden shed. No more muddy feet when I go to visit my plants.

I did concrete work I gladly pay for it.

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Aloha kms2...I have heard to leave the pods on till they open up naturally if your intent is to have viable seeds or give away good ones or start the process yourself. I am very excited about my 2 different trees which are sporting great looking pods and are on 2 fabulous unknowns I brought from Hawaii. I did it in '05 from a pod on not the best of trees...I would assume that the seeds from these 2 trees will give me a better chance at some great ones (where I will find the room, who knows). Of the 25 trees from my last seed pod, I really only like 2 of them so, go figure, I give the others away to make room....mahalo and alohas, roxanne

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Thanks for the response K.

Im sure Emerson will give you some great advise. Ill probably start experimenting with inground then dig up for winter with a noid and maybe a seedling or two. Im not confident enough to try my named stuff just yet.


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Looking GREAT K!! I also love the name 'the grove of smalls', it sounds very mysterious and official. Since you have such lovely, mature trees in your yard do you have a hard time getting enough sun in there - since you mentioned one od them would need to be moved to more sun I was just curious.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi K!!!

Everything looks great!!!

Wish i had the temps you all are having.. cool and raining here.

My seedpods look about the same size and they stayed on the tree all winter. Im like you.. they stay on until they open.

Mine will go to others that like seeds.. Fun to share.

Hope you and the family are well.

Take care,


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