Filifera or Robusta?

wetsuiter(7b/8a)August 4, 2012

I rescued a few small Washy seedlings in San Diego last year from a friend's garden ("weeds" to her). Four of them survived being dug up, wrapped in plastic, packed in the checked bag and replanting here on the East Coast. They recovered slowly, but are growing well now. The biggest one, I'm pretty sure is a filifera with it's fiberous costa-palmate fronds and green petioles. Since they all came from the same garden bed, I assumed they all were filifera too. Now I'm not so sure. The second one largest one is suddenly showing a lot of maroon coloring on it's petioles and they seem to be getting "armed with teeth." See what you think...



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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

Filifera still have teeth, just nite as large and sharp as their robust cousins.

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

I say filifera, going by the threads on the frond tips.

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i think your correct. it looks like u have 1 of each, & another way u can tell is filiferas have a lime greenish color to there leaves as robustas have a deep rich emerald greenish color!

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getting harder to find just Filifera or Robusta unless you come upon an isolated population....

The first one looks more like Filifera and the second may have some Robusta blood in it but it is very possible they are both Filibusta.

They both do seem to be carrying some strong Filifera traits,a little more visible in the first one.

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From what I read about Washys, most urban area volunteers are likely to be hybrids, so that makes perfect sense. Agree, the first one leans more filifera and second more robusta. Thanks everyone.

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I am lost when it comes to distinguishing these two. As was said above, I am willing to bet most are hybrids and that this is probably a good thing. Hopefully they have the cold hardiness of filifera with the rate of growth and wet/humid tolerance of robusta. Especially on the East coast and South, a palm that has good moisture tolerance is probably a good thing. I just got done planting two today, a filifera or filibusta and one that looks more robusta. To me, the palm posted looks more robusta than filifera.

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I'm pretty convinced now that they are hybrids since they were volunteers in a San Diego suburban garden. And from what people have suggested here and on another palm forum, first one seems to lean more filifera while second one is showing mote robusta (especially the maroon petioles).

NJOasis, did you see my earlier post from "The Quiet Resorts, Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island"? You might find the robusta of interest. It wintered over without protection and is looking really great. Just saw it again today.

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Usually Robusta has some fierce spines,the palm in the first pic lacks these.

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Agree Jim. First palm has very gentle teeth. The second palm is smaller and younger, but is getting some good teeth. It's really showing lots of robusta qualities now, whereas the first one showing more filifera qualities. Kinda cool to have one of each, especially since they came out of the same garden. It'll be interesting to see what way the two little ones (strap leaves still) develop.

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