Tiny Orange worms are on ALL of my flowering veggie's!

Melina21July 31, 2012


I've had trouble with these tiny orange worms or worm-like pests! They started with my cucumber plants, they're all in the flowering cuc's, and now I'm seeing them in all of my other flowers - from beans to my pepper plants! what in the world are they? I have searched online with no luck. The only thing they may be are orange thrips? but they are soo tiny. You can see them in the flowers, but you can't see any legs, and they squirm around as they move and wiggle like worms do. but I was wondering if they were thrips because I've had a few on my arm and they bite and are tiny and hard to see. So has anyone had any experience with these?

Will 7dust get rid of them? I walked to my garden this morning to find two of my bell pepper plants dead, cut clean right at ground level. also, saw these little orange things in all flowers, I've also killed a dozen or so tiny green worms that were eating my broccoli leaves... they were hiding on the underside of the leaves. So with all that info, does anyone know what I'm dealing with and how to remove the pests?? Thanks!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

no chemicals until a FULL ID ...

i sure hope you arent talking about ladybug nymphs ... and that is why you must find the ID first ...

and there arent many bugs.. clean cut a plant at the ground ... at this time of year ...

please ID..

if you cant post pix.. take some to a local nursery.. or your county extension office ...


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Hi Ken,

These aren't ladybug nymphs. that's the strange thing about them. I can't find any pictures or descriptions online that would match. no visible head, legs, wings, etc. just very tiny orange worms, and they are difficult to see unless up close. My camera's broken, and my iPhone camera won't zoom or focus well enough to even see them in a picture...
Thank you for your advice. I'll keep trying to identify them.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Look up ceccidomyiid larvae. If that's who they are, they're helping you keep aphids under control.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i didnt think they were ladybugs.. i just wanted to impress upon you that a full ID was requisite.. before destroying them..

i tried googling 'Tiny Orange worms' ... and i suspect you know how far i got with that.. a bunch of worm pix.. lol.. who knew there were yellow worms ...


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Images would help us help you.

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